January 06, 2017 Archive January 2017

Donald Trump is going to appoint Pam Bondi, who got an illegal payment from the Trump Foundation, to a White House spot

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Ann Coulter is having a day on Twitter

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Infallibility battles: How to avoid those 'I'm right and you're wrong about everything' fights

Year of the commando: U.S. Special Ops forces deploy to 138 nations

No miracle on 34th Street: Macy's dismal holiday sales suggest department stores will have to change or die

Nearly a quarter of Americans are not religious: Why doesn't that diversity show up in politics?

Why the Democratic leadership contest is urgent: It will shape the opposition to Trump

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Republicans in Virginia and Texas may replicate North Carolina's "bathroom bill" disaster

Donald Trump, Republicans now plan to charge taxpayers for the Mexico wall but plan to reclaim the money later

Information illiterate: Challenges libraries face in this fake news era

A glaring Trump transition story hiding in plain sight: Trump is historically unpopular

WATCH: Repeal-and-delay strategy for Obamacare is a "slippery slope," warns cardiologist

Will Democrats challenge Donald Trump's legitimacy during the Electoral College ratification?

Why is Donald Trump resisting the Russian hack findings? Michael Flynn may hold the answer

Republicans are planning a marathon day of confirmation hearings next week to rush through Donald Trump's nominees

Donald Trump gets involved in Ohio state GOP race, just so he can beat John Kasich's preferred candidate

Donald Trump is probably still upset at Arnold Schwarzenegger for not supporting him

WATCH: Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to "grow up"

President Obama's last legacy: Final jobs numbers indicate more people are looking for work

Congress will undo everything President Obama has done in his last two months in office

Republicans are publicly taking Donald Trump's side in his war against the intelligence community

Tomi Lahren's selective outrage: Chicago Facebook brutality draws her ire, but she's silent about Dylann Roof's racism

Republicans face the obvious on Obamacare: Their replacement will be worse

Donald Trump's early-morning tweetstorms are creating jobs for nervous PR people

President Obama's farewell party is going to be more popular than Donald Trump's inauguration

WikiLeaks alleges someone in the White House is leaking things, and that's making them mad

House Republicans support rule that could allow them to pay individual federal workers $1