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Trumpcare's premium spikes: Here’s how the Republican health care bill will hit you hard

House Oversight Committee requests all documents on Mike Flynn's foreign contacts and payments

WATCH: GOP congressman mansplains to an environmental activist testifying before his committee

Supreme Court unanimously overruled Neil Gorsuch’s strict interpretation of a law while he testified at his SCOTUS confirmation hearing

South Dakota passes "religious liberty" law allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples

The right-wing token factory: Now the grassroots right is rebelling against the mendacity of conservative media

Man of the times: On “More Life,” Drake is dialed into the sounds and possibility of the digital age

Former Colorado GOP chairman who accused Democrats of voter fraud arrested for voter fraud

Climate change is on pace to kill an ice age remnant

Donald Trump's biggest war is on democracy itself

"There’s a smell of treason in the air": Things in Washington start to drip, drip, drip

puppy post 1

National Puppy Day is upon us and here are your puppies

Conservatives suddenly love big government — when it comes to punishing blue cities for passing progressive local laws

Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor? Paul Ryan's profound hypocrisy stands for a deeper problem

The American Health Care Act would lead to more smoking, disease and tobacco industry profits

Fact sheet: Should Germany really have to spend more on defense?

"Gonged at Last": game show impressario and author Chuck Barris dead at 87

A big pawprint: Pet food may be hurting the environment

WATCH: Do we need a more just society? One man says it begins with government-guaranteed basic income

John McCain calls for special committee, as new developments emerge about Trump-Russia connections

Devin Nunes tries to rescue Trump — and may have made the deepening scandal worse

Donald Trump's Time interview: 5 takeaways — and one major question

WATCH: Samantha Bee eviscerates Sebastian Gorka, Trump's national security adviser

Republicans revise American Health Care Act, hours before Obamacare repeal bill set to hit House floor

Bernie Sanders has become the most popular politician in America — with no help from the inside

The Breitbart fear: Federal employees are scared they'll be targeted by conservative media

Rick Perry complains of "stolen" election after Texas A&M elects its first openly gay student body president

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren exposes Trump's dodgy new labor pick in brutal confirmation hearing

Children as young as 3 detained 500 days — and counting — in disgraceful immigrant prisons

The Secret Service may have underestimated how much it would cost to protect Trump's family

WATCH: Rise of the superfans: Obsession drives social change

Women's groups can't believe Vice President Pence won the first-ever "Working for Women" award

"America is stronger because of the Affordable Care Act": Obama defends signature law on seventh anniversary

Nunes apologizes to House Intelligence Committee for leaking to Trump

Tastes like chicken? Taste testing the artificially grown meat

"Extreme vetting": Tillerson memos say U.S. wants to identify people who'd need "increased scrutiny"

Who's running America while Donald Trump tweets?

Tom Price in the crosshairs: Conservatives focus anger on Trump's health secretary over American Health Care Act

#WeAreNotAfraid: Londoners persevere after Parliament attack that killed American visiting

Not even Republicans are supportive of the American Health Care Act: poll

When Russia interfered: I witnessed a Russian-led coup attempt in my home country

"Confirmed: Obama spied on Trump": GOP raises funds off Trump's conspiracy theories

Americans favor cutting defense spending, not adding billions more, new survey finds

Reckless and dangerous: The cynical rush to jam through a Republican health care bill

Senate quashes an Obama-era regulation to protect your privacy online

Sean Spicer compares ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort to someone Trump sat next to on a plane