April 06, 2017 Archive April 2017

Jared's PR hire: Kushner's first employee for his Office of American Innovation is a Hollywood publicist

From "ashamed" to a defense of Assad: Republican lawmakers offer varied reactions to recent chemical attack in Syria

Following in Obamas' footsteps: Joe and Jill Biden sign multi-book deal

Maybe you don’t really need a Wi-Fi-connected sex toy

Performing in orangeface: Anthony Atamanuik gets a late-night venue

Spring fever: A pair of studies unravel the often dueling mysteries of attraction and suitability

Open secret: Why Barry Manilow's coming out still matters

One down, too many to go: ICE deports convicted Russian spy in Ohio

This may have happened to you: Revenue-hungry cities mess with traffic lights to write more tickets

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Trump's proposed budget will end up hurting kids, "robbing them blind"

You can't escape your parents: More aging adults are moving closer to mom and dad

Michigan graduate workers in contract fight: Fighting for racial equity is work

Disposable Americans: U.S. health care system is condemning thousands to early death

"We just get by check to check": Workers cheated as federal contractors prosper

More stupid health care politics: Trump's grand plan to sabotage Obamacare is likely to backfire

GOP misogyny on overdrive: Trump administration defunds U.N. women's health program

Terrorism in America? They hate us for our freedom! Terrorism in Russia? They had it coming!

The Bible gets the Facebook treatment: Kirk Cameron's "Bible Bee Game Show" streams live

Chicago Public School students may soon have to show proof of an acceptance letter in order to graduate

Why Steve Bannon was kicked off the National Security Council: A list of rumors and reports

Unmasking of Susan Rice: A perfect case study of new pro-Trump propaganda machine

Big bucks in Washington: Right-wing billionaires have made White House staffers multi-millionaires

WATCH: Doctor says he provides abortion out of Christian "compassion"

So much for President Steve Bannon: Did Jared and Ivanka orchestrate the downfall of Trump's key adviser?

Forget the Gorsuch nuclear option: Republicans want to change how all judges are confirmed from now on

Samantha Bee: Ivanka Trump is not "your secret progressive buddy"

Fifty years ago, the Reverend Martin Luther King broke his silence on war and capitalism

Trump loyalists are feeling slighted by a president they had no sound reason to think was trustworthy

Hell is fake-woke white people: Kendall Jenner's Pepsi fantasy is just as grating in reality

Devin Nunes steps down from House Intelligence Committee over Russia investigation missteps

A former Breitbart reporter is starting a radio show for Russian state media

Bannon isn't going down without a fight: "I love a gunfight," chief strategist says

Retired general: Save Big Bird! Pumping up military while slashing PBS is "false choice"

Donald Trump can't give The New York Times any concrete details on his infrastructure plans

Beyond Trump's shameful "blame Obama" response on Syria, the president has no path forward

Judge orders Kris Kobach to hand over Homeland Security briefing document he showed Donald Trump

Trump's immigration roundups are having a terrible side effect for sexual abuse victims

WATCH: Tragedy hits family "like a thunderbolt"

Seth Meyers blasts Donald Trump's love of Fox News: "Trump should have been sworn in on a TV guide"

Republicans go nuclear: Neil Gorsuch gets cleared for Senate confirmation

Breitbart takes on Jared Kushner: Steve Bannon is shielded as Trump's son-in-law is in the crosshairs

Member of Mike Pence's Secret Service detail suspended after prostitution arrest

Sean Spicer finds his true calling: Meet the kindergarten teacher whose expertise is addressing five-year-olds

Dog days after Devin Nunes: New GOP leaders of House Russia probe aren't much of an improvement