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Did Russia try to cover up Syria's chemical attack? Pentagon now investigating Kremlin's involvement in Assad's deadly strike

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“Stop being victims. I think it’s wicked, in a way, to be a victim": Matt Tyrnauer's new documentary is "Citizen Jane"

Look beyond Caitlyn Jenner: Transgender women of color are fighting for their lives

You're welcome, Betsy: DeVos' security detail costs taxpayers $8 million

Only ammo gun control advocates need: NRA employee shoots himself during firearms training

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Samantha Bee's message for liberals: Ivanka Trump is not your secret buddy

Civic poet with a softer side: Yevgeny Yevtushenko's poetry was a kind of revolution

The world handed to Trump is a big, fat, huge mess: But don't blame Obama — this took years of capitalism and imperialism

This week in Donald Trump's conflicts of interest: He's not even pretending to divest anymore

Trump's new leaf: Shock and semi-awe

"Stupid and reckless": U.S. Immigration Agency will lose millions because it can’t process visas fast enough

Listening to John Adams: The true conception of liberty is far larger than mean-spirited conservative ideology

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Bye Bye Bannon: It looks like even President Trump can't escape the Deep State

Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert step up: Donald Trump made "The Daily Show" and out-of-character Colbert relevant again

Is Hyperloop worth the hype? Elon Musk's super-fast transport system faces big technical challenges

New airstrikes hit the same Syrian town where a chemical attack killed 80

Merging seas: Parts of the Arctic Ocean are turning into the Atlantic

WATCH: Humorist P. J. O'Rourke on Donald Trump's impending doom: "You could be really unpleasantly surprised" by how it happens

Believe the autocrat: Holy trinity of torture, rendition and indefinite detention under Trump

Ivanka wants to be the girl with the most cake: A New York Democrat in private and a public Trump loyalist, all at once

As U.S. jobs flee the country, one of Trump's biggest campaign promises is already going down in flames

BuzzFeed News sues FBI for stonewalling FOIA request on Andrew Breitbart

The myths of Jonestown: "Jim Jones was who Charlie Manson wanted to be," says author of new book on 1978 tragedy

Native Americans caught salmon here for millennia. Now the world is hooked.

You can now take a class on weed: University of Denver offers America's first marijuana course

Exclusive World Premiere of Robyn Hitchcock's "Raymond and the Wires" video

Sound the alarm: Hacker sets off emergency warning sirens in Dallas