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Space, the wet frontier: NASA confirms Saturn's moon has hydrothermal-heated ocean

United passenger told lawyer his experience was "more harrowing" than fleeing Vietnam War

Art imitates life: HBO's "Veep" had to change a golden shower joke after Trump became president

Mar-a-Lago has a health inspection problem: President Trump's "Southern White House" has racked up 13 violations

Blazing up north: Canada may become the second country to legalize marijuana nationwide

Americans are not confident in Trump's ability to deal with North Korea: poll

Late-night TV tackles gerrymandering: John Oliver leaves viewers with glimmer of hope but ignores solution

The lesson of Starz's "The White Princess": Not all family affairs are worth watching

The cruel lessons of trans panic on TV’s “Survivor”: Outing LGBT people is deadly

“Law and Order” meets FBI: James Comey grants access to New York bureau for documentary series

Grab your signs: There are 3 big anti-Trump marches coming up this month

Huma Abedin tells all: Weiner’s estranged wife reportedly seeks book deal for $2 million

WATCH: John Waters on his obsession with true crime, Charles Manson and the death penalty

Beyond instant runoff: There's a much better way to conduct multi-candidate elections

America sets new record: Electricity’s carbon footprint shrinks, renewable energy use increases

Spending blind: Shocking education report shows taxpayers pay millions for subpar charter schools

Reclaiming populism from the right: How Trump's failures create an opportunity for Democrats

Activism in suburban Atlanta: Grassroots progressives hope to power a Georgia Democrat to victory

The Great Barrier Reef is doomed: Scientists say that there's irreversible damage

Is Donald Trump going to get us into a war with North Korea?

"To heck with a wall": How much money does the government have for Trump's wall now?

WATCH: Roger Stone is hiding something when it comes to Trump's alleged collusion with Russia

What could go wrong? Alabama Senate votes to give local church its own armed police force

More TrumpRegrets every day: Now the hard-right nationalists are losing their religion

Going out with a bang: Steve Bannon could make Donald Trump’s life a living hell if he’s fired

"You work for us": Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake faces hostile town hall

Business, not the base: Donald Trump will backtrack on policies if a CEO tells him to

The Trump administration is quietly rolling back Obama-era gun regulations

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's White House power could erode democracy

North Korea responds to Donald Trump's bluster: "We are fully prepared" for war

First fake news, now fake history: Glenn Beck wants to train young people to promote an alternative history

As Donald Trump threatens North Korea, he's also close to turning Syria into a full-scale war as well

Betsy DeVos' pick to head Civil Rights Office once said she faced discrimination for being white

WATCH: This touching "Star Wars" tribute to Carrie Fisher will break your heart

Geraldo Rivera dances to the drumbeat of war: "Watching bombs drop" is "one of my favorite things"

CIA Director Mike Pompeo changes his mind on WikiLeaks, which he now calls a "hostile intelligence service"

Here's the awesome trailer for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

WATCH: Democrats warm up to Trump after his airstrike in Syria

"We’ll see them in court": Trump's administration refuses to release White House visitor logs

Jon Ossoff is doomed: Democrats' hopes in Georgia are fading, as a runoff election looms

"You should f**k me": New Jersey state assembly candidate makes a very New Jersey pitch for voter's support

War is fast approaching: Where will President Trump invade first?