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Paul Manafort is consulting a Chinese billionaire about U.S. infrastructure projects: report

Sean Spicer claims Trump won't release his 2016 tax returns because they're also under audit — but tax experts say that doesn't matter

Stopping the flow: Warming-driven glacier melt leads to "river piracy"

Paul Krugman: The American jobs crisis is way bigger than Trump can comprehend

Beck bites back: The Blaze files countersuit against Tomi Lahren after she accuses former boss of “misconduct”

The GOP effort to crush Elizabeth Warren ahead of 2020 has begun: Conservative PAC looks to derail potential presidential bid

“This is just the beginning": Alt-right rejoices as violent protests rock Berkeley

CalExit in trouble: Leader of California secession movement resigns, applies for Russian citizenship

Filling the swamp: Trump hires lobbyists while top ethics official says "there’s no transparency"

Georgia special election: One local penny for every $10 in national cash

Jared Kushner throws Chris Christie a bone: New Jersey governor looks to get back in Trump's good graces with opioid task force

We could be reading minds soon: Inside the research that's moving us from sci-fi to sci-fact

The Season 3 itch: FX's "Fargo" is still very good, but is that enough to keep this relationship hot?

Lena Dunham’s "Girls" grows up in series finale

Who’s the most influential person in the world? Readers think it’s Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

Blame the president: White nationalist accused of attacking black woman sues Trump for "urging him on"

Merle Haggard knows: 8 country cannabis classics for your listening (and smoking) pleasure

Dying wish: Oregon man was able to die “peacefully” after a friend said Trump had been impeached

WATCH: Legendary filmmaker John Waters: Mike Pence must be an "adult baby"

Ivanka Inc. goes to Washington: A timeline

President Trump can't fill the State Department — and the safety of U.S. diplomats may now be at risk

Death in a bottle: Capital punishment in the U.S. has no foreseeable expiration date

Robert Reich: The only real "centrist" agenda proves corporate America learned nothing last year

Pro-Trump rioters got away with beating anti-fascists in Berkeley — and likely won't stop there

So Alex Jones is a "performance artist"? If so, his act is truly terrifying

Roger Ailes' fake news empire: Former Fox News head presided over a panoply of phony "sock puppet" blogs

Ted Cruz wants to blame Democrats for a government shutdown in 2017

Can we tax away the opioid crisis? First, we have to understand it

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Trump's deep links to organized crime: Federal investigators know and the public is catching on

Did racism or a longing for authoritarian leadership elect Donald Trump? The right answer is both

Republicans are starting to rally behind one Jon Ossoff opponent in Georgia's special election

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All in the family: Ivanka Trump won 3 trademarks in China after dining with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Prince's final mystery: Who gave him the drugs that eventually killed him?

Tom Cotton defends Donald Trump's tax return dodge: "He normally puts his name on buildings where he has them"

Expect weekly missile tests from North Korea, as Kim Jong Un calls Donald Trump's bluff

Donald Trump's nuked credibility: How can a flagrantly dishonest president manage an international crisis?

Donald Trump's 2020 campaign is making a lot of money for his companies

"It's so phony": New book reveals what Bernie Sanders really thought of Hillary Clinton's campaign message

Blackwater founder Erik Prince has been giving Donald Trump counter-terrorism advice

Search for Facebook Live murder suspect ends in suicide

Trump, a symptom of what? If we don't find a cure, we will go on marching without end

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Punching back at neo-Nazis: Jewish woman targeted by alt-right Trump troll sues

Hillary Clinton apologized to Barack Obama after election loss, swore to never run for president again

Busted! Top Texas alcohol regulator resigns after admitting she abused taxpayer money

Election day in Georgia: Race to replace Tom Price will be no "easy win" for either party

All aboard the Bernie train: Sanders kicks off unity tour in style with stirring speech