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Republican senator responds to student's concern about LGBT bullying: "A guy who wears a tutu and goes to bars ... asks for it"

Harvey Weinstein's evil genius playbook: How he got LGBT people to support one of the year's most controversial films

New FCC chair announces plan to destroy agency's own net neutrality rules

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Zachary Quinto on his Tribeca comedy "Aardvark": "It's a film about people who are lost to themselves"

The Armenian genocide is still being denied: "This human tragedy has been allowed to be treated as a debate rather than actual history"

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Rupert Murdoch’s disturbing corporate legacy: chronic sexual harassment in U.S., rampant lawbreaking in UK

Trump's hollow promise on the opioid epidemic: GOP health plan would slash Medicaid funding for drug treatment

Republicans secretly love Obamacare! A short history of GOP lies about the congressional "exemption"

Trump's "tax reform" is no joke: A huge tax-cut plan is one thing the GOP can probably pass

For doctors, a clampdown on visas could have an uneven effect in the U.S.

Theresa May’s snap election gamble, explained

How Trump anxiety is spawning business opportunities and marketing campaigns across America

Donald Trump wants to "break up" the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals because his unconstitutional executive orders keep getting struck down

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The Trump family's massive grift: Who cares about policy? As a business and branding venture, this presidency is going swell

Donald Trump's North Korea briefing was a political stunt to get senators to come to him

Trevor Noah wonders why we still have Confederate memorials: "Some people support the monuments, while other people are black"

Jesse Watters announces a surprise "vacation" after his Ivanka Trump quip

Trump turns on NAFTA: After saying he'll eliminate, he says he'll negotiate a "fair deal"

Steve Mnuchin can't guarantee that Trump's tax reform plan will help middle class Americans

United Airlines will now offer involuntarily bumped passengers up to $10,000

Donald Trump is historically unpopular as he reaches the 100-day mark

Congressional Republicans are unimpressed with Trump's tax plan: "Not even close" to tax reform

Stephen Colbert has a pitch-perfect analogy for Donald Trump's horrifying tax plan

Supreme Court rips Trump administration attorney for suggesting someone can lose citizenship for lying

Michael Flynn under investigation after 2014 Pentagon warning against accepting foreign payments

Heineken pulls an anti-Pepsi, but is still trying to sell you beer

Trump's massive tax-cut plan is discredited, dangerous "voodoo economics": Last laugh of the Laffer curve?

"We are 6.8 percent of the way home": "The Simpsons" rips President Trump's first 100 days in office

South Carolina is close to basically outlawing abortion through a personhood bill

Scott Walker stands by David Clarke, even after 4 inmates died in Milwaukee jails in 6 months

WATCH: President Trump's first 100 days: Is he an abject failure or a fast learner?

New Orleans district attorney has been sending fake subpoenas to witnesses to make them testify

Carter Page says he's the victim of "one of the most horrendous civil rights violations in recent U.S. election history"

Donald Trump voters think that all the stories about his failures is a sign he's doing a good job

A Democratic congressional candidate in Montana's special election is moonlighting at a nudist resort

Thanks Obama! Sean Spicer is now blaming the Obama administration for Michael Flynn's security clearance