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DoJ backs rewriting of law that lets police read emails

Hair salon owner accused of only hiring "overweight, gay hairdressers"

Dying Iraq War vet's angry message to Bush, Cheney

Dianne Feinstein’s lonely anti-gun crusade

Ten years of Iraq War films: Why audiences shunned movies about Mideast

Gwyneth Paltrow talks about the baby she's "missing"

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The finest responses to Rumsfeld's Iraq tweet

Cyprus parliament rejects bailout deal

Fighting sexual assault on campus, college activists learn as they go

Leaked audio: Police union set arrest quotas with NYPD

Donald Trump and Mark Cuban are fighting on Twitter again

Literature meets television in Slaughterhouse 90210

Chipotle pulls sponsorship of Utah Boy Scout event

Conan hosting fundraiser for Al Franken

BlackBerry still has fans in Nigeria

Neurotic's guide to fasting

My half-brother scares me

Viggo Mortensen: Lay off the pope

Making sex "normal"

Cuccinelli compares slavery abolition to anti-abortion movement

"Enlightened" cancelled by HBO

Are Americans too stupid for democracy?

Senate bill won't include weapons ban

Michele Bachmann runs away from reporter

Sandy Hook truthers are not giving up

We shall no longer be "Enlightened"

Bill Clinton, Kentucky Dems reportedly courting Ashley Judd alternative

How to turn a state liberal

Obama makes first trip to Israel as president

Health officials: 1 in 50 children has autism

Elizabeth Colbert Busch wins S.C. primary

North Korea suspected of cyberattack on South Korea

Pope Francis: Civil unions pragmatist?

Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash sued over allegations of crystal meth-fueled sex parties

GOP slowly shifting away from immigration hardline

Judges reject Pussy Riot appeal against conviction

Must-see morning clip: Now accepting donations for the yoga pants cause

Obama in Israel: Symbolism, Syria and Iran

MIT agrees to release redacted Aaron Swartz files

Harrison Ford hints at role in "Star Wars VII"

Colorado Department of Corrections chief shot dead in home

"Splash" dives into the C-list

Faith leaders descend on Washington, call for a "moral budget"

It's a hard time to be a homophobe

Lawyer for Steubenville rapist to appeal conviction

Chicago Teachers Union calls "Persepolis" ban "Orwellian"

Steubenville vs. Delhi: A tale of two coverages

Alabama man pleads guilty to threatening Obama on Twitter

Jay Leno's new role? NBC insult comic -- and the network's not amused

Momentum surges for police reform

Is JPMorgan a farmer?

Arizona lawmaker wants to ban trans people from using the "wrong" bathroom

CIA may lose drone program

Obama's energy pick powered by industry heavyweights

Ghost towns of the Web

Columbia School of Journalism under fire for misdirected funds

Guantánamo hunger strike grows

Reince Priebus begins his walk-back

Jay Leno to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon by 2014: report