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California officials balk at confronting destructive pot growers

White music fans are afraid of difference

Power and impunity: The problem of our prosecutorial system

"Sovereign citizens" president sentenced to 18 years for tax crimes

Virginia GOP chair disses Jackson's "anti-God" comments

Topless "sextremists" go global

Best church sign ever: "Some people are gay. Get over it"

Ill Doctrine: No, Don Lemon, black single mothers are not the problem

NRA asks SCOTUS to strike down gun limits for minors

Increased murder and war linked to climate change

Google lets buyers customize their phones

Netflix to allow 5 viewing profiles on same account

Biracial, gay and bullied

A Freudian analysis of sexting

Pick of the week: Lindsay Lohan in "The Canyons"

What would a white man do?

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The Chromecast future of TV is awesome

Yes, the feds are tracking your car

Magnus Carlsen: I have the chance to dominate like Bobby Fischer

Decorate your cubicle -- for your own mental health

House Republicans trying to defang the EPA

Paul Krugman: "Madness of the GOP is the central issue of our time"

Higher wages don't hurt consumers!

Former EPA heads urge fellow Republicans toward climate action

Ted Cruz does not care about you, Republican "grown-ups"

Snowden asylum further strains U.S.-Russia relations

Oprah fundraises for Cory Booker

Must-see morning clip: Robin Thicke performs "Blurred Lines" with the Roots

Jack White's wife files restraining order against him

Facebook launches privacy guide for survivors of domestic violence

US official: Human rights deteriorate in China

Charting how the media blew the IRS scandal

Another poll shows Mitch McConnell trailing

Trader Fab Tourre found liable for fraud, won't face jail

Ninth woman accuses Bob Filner of sexual harassment

Fired for same-sex marriage?

Texas running low on lethal injection drug

Ellen DeGeneres to host 2014 Oscars

Greg Louganis talks Sochi Olympics, Russia's gay rights crackdown

State Dept. issues global travel alert over al-Qaida threat

Snowden, Manning: The face of patriotism

Finding waste in the global food supply

Michelle Rhee embraces disgraced charter school advocate

US economy adds 162,000 jobs

Climate change is happening 10 times faster than ever

Florida Sheriff: Cops who shot unarmed black man "followed standard protocols"

Rangel: Tea Partiers are like "white crackers" who opposed civil rights

Teen dating violence is way more common than you think

Who owns the sharing economy?

Scientist prepares to eat world's first lab burger

Facebook is the new graveyard

US economy stuck in second gear

Your friend list is too big

For $180, you too can have a bird-poop facial

D.C.'s favorite time-wasting scam: Cosponsoring bills

Marissa Mayer triumphs even when getting backstabbed

Inside the world of stem cell research

Kerry's dangerous praise for Egyptian army

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper on leave after using racial slur

O'Reilly: Shame, not contraception, will prevent unwanted teen pregnancy!

We finally have a definition for 'gluten-free'