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Miss America, Janay Rice and our long history of conflating glamour and violence

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Religious right's warped icon: Why Mike Huckabee is wingnuts' best white hope for '16

Red meat is destroying the planet, and the Frankenburger could help save it

American Front leader convicted on paramilitary training charges

A suggestion for the House Benghazi committee: Let's talk about private military contractors

Naomi Klein on climate failure: "It's not that we've done nothing. We've done the wrong things"

Vikings reverse course, suspend Adrian Peterson for duration of child abuse investigation

Must-see morning clip: "The Daily Show" explores the drug cartel of big pharma

Election 2014 update: Mitch McConnell says he’s the “candidate of change”

Fox News thinks you aren't really poor if you have an air conditioner and Internet access

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Rand Paul's McCain embarrassment: More amateur hour for sloppy senator

Report: Law enforcement in Los Angeles County kills one person every week

Sean Hannity worries the Adrian Peterson case will prevent parents from teaching kids that "being gay is not normal"

The mother of Adrian Peterson's son is "outraged"

Mark Ruffalo calls on the Avengers to divest from fossil fuels

Now they're just trolling: House Republicans to vote on rehashed energy package

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The most controversial celebrity cameos on "Sesame Street"

"Mindy Project" and "New Girl" return at the height of Fox's identity crisis

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel: Twitter is "horribly mismanaged"

Can domestic abusers change? Meet an expert who thinks it's possible

PBS's "Blank on Blank" unearths bizarre 1980 interview with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

Los Angeles schools will relinquish grenade launchers ... but not rifles or armored vehicles

GOP state senator: Islam “is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out"

Right-wing blogger accuses Chris Hayes of sexism — and is proven hilariously wrong

New marijuana PSA mocks Maureen Dowd's very bad trip

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How Twitter helped unmask a hate crime

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