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The worst song of 2015 is here: Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband"

"Put mayonnaise on it, you'll be good": McDonald's employees detail outrageous response to serious workplace injuries

David Vitter's horrific amendment: GOP senator seeks to insert xenophobia into anti-trafficking bill

France could be the next country to ban ultra-thin models

GOP's internal hate-fest: How a low-profile budget dispute is tearing the party apart

A guy most famous for saying "F*** you Michael Moore" is now marrying Bristol Palin

Our toxic remake culture: Why do we insist on making the same old white-guy movies over and over?

"The Jinx": Would Robert Durst exist without Andrew Jarecki?

The year-long open marriage experiment: What this woman learned could save your sex life

9 reasons America is a lousy place to raise kids

Robert Reich: Economic redistribution is our only hope

Sheldon Adelson runs Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu, GOP and the real Middle Eastern threat

"Too small a change": How St. Patrick's Day became a political lightning rod

"Radicals of a different sort": How the reactionary right is plotting to steal the White House

What would MLK say?: Divestment and the call for "order" over justice

Endangered Netanyahu warns supporters that Arabs are voting "in droves"

"Are you f**king drunk?": Jon Stewart tears into media for ridiculous Secret Service coverage

"By the end of it I’m Freddy Krueger": Ted Cruz lashes out at media portrayal

Oregon leads the way on automatic voter registration

Ambivalent about kids or terrified of going broke? What our lack of paid family leave means for young people

"P*ssy is way more sacred than penis": Azealia Banks on blackness, bisexuality and why she loves to "bring her butt out"

Anti-vaxxers blamed for Disneyland measles outbreak in new study, because duh

GOP's Israel conundrum: Will it still "Stand With Israel" -- if Netanyahu loses?

CNN's insane debate over "Who can say" the N-word

This is how Fox News spreads hate: How right-wing media tells lies about Islam

NYPD officers who edited "Eric Garner" Wikipedia page won't face punishment

Former high-ranking Scientologist: "Thetans have no gender"

“It just seems extremely destructive": Mika Brzezinski clashes with Ted Cruz over GOP's Iran letter

"I killed Jonbenet Ramsey": Robert Durst of "The Jinx" confesses to other crimes in hilarious "Funny or Die" spoof

"Black parents in America don’t raise narcissists. Never have. Probably never will"

"F**k Marvel": Aquaman has serious words for DC's rival comic book universe

"A redneck Republican wearing an IUD": Colorado lawmakers use birth control earrings to push for family planning

Starbucks' cringe-inducing #RaceTogether campaign has caused a Twitter firestorm

Jon Stewart demolishes anti-gay marriage groups: Even Walmart thinks you're "out there"

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart's new movie "Get Hard" sounds like a racist, homophobic mess

Sam Brownback's latest master plan to save the Kansas economy: Ban abortions

"Not true and they knew it”: What Rahm Emanuel's Wall Street craze cost Chicago

Penn State frat suspended after members post naked photos of unconscious women on Facebook

McDonald's let my arm burn! Why they told me “Put some mustard on it” -- before I was rushed to hospital

New video reveals the magical chemistry of beer

Paul Walker's death made into a punchline at Justin Bieber roast

Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith and even Britney Spears pass the new Bechdel Test for music

Paul Ryan garbage returns: Why House GOP's new budget is worse than it looks

Best correction of the day: Robert Durst was not in Limp Bizkit

Jeb Bush opposes federal minimum wage: "Leave it to the private sector"

The top 10 songs and albums on the iTunes Store

The top 10 movies on the iTunes Store

The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks-US

GOP's "scam artist" problem: Mike Huckabee & the right's tradition of organized theft

Aaron Schock resigns: The fall of a GOP rising star

"I wanna get it tattooed on my c**t": Amy Schumer's plan to make audiences understand feminism

Get rid of your dumb K-Cups

Wife-beating judge exposed: How new 911 audio debunks Mark Fuller's lame defense

Bush apologist fails up: Washington Post's Marc Thiessen has some thoughts on Iran

On the minimum wage, Jeb Bush makes Mitt Romney look like a bleeding-heart liberal