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Coming to the Kentucky Derby? Leave selfie sticks at home

"The Ron Paul of the left": Why Bernie Sanders is the cranky socialist 2016 needs

Louis C.K. reveals why he quit Twitter: "I think it's why everything is kind of f**ked up and polarizing"

Sean Hannity gets schooled on immigration: "People won't vote for a candidate who will deport your father"

The Koch-backed crusade to kill renewable energy is at it again in North Carolina

Another Sony email hack shocker: Sony Pictures execs feared Leon Wieseltier over Steve Jobs film?

How Zapatista women learned to wear the pants—literally

New "Star Wars" trailer, new hope: Leia finally picks up a lightsaber -- and the little girl inside me cheers

"I hope she goes after a bear next and it rips her face off": Hunter who killed a giraffe now fending off death threats

“Fresh Off the Boat” will never make everyone happy — and it shouldn’t have to try

Putin hates this film: KGB agent seeks redemption in "Child 44," Tom Hardy's murky Soviet-era thriller

"I feel like I die more every day": The "bed death" of sexless marriage is real, and it's heartbreaking

The New York Times "basically rewrites whatever the Kiev authorities say": Stephen F. Cohen on the U.S./Russia/Ukraine history the media won't tell you

Veteran Chinese journalist Gao Yu sentenced to 7 years

4 ways men's rights activists actually hurt men

5 wild things science teaches us about sex

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are frauds: Why GOP's libertarians are anything but

Anti-government activists suspected in leak of government employee information

LGBT-rights group urges Guam governor to allow gay marriage

Rand Paul's "big coal" lie: The real reason the industry is dying

The GOP's next 2016 scheme: How right-wingers will try to use Hillary's gender against her

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Paul Krugman takes the gloves off: Radical ideologues tanked economies, ignored reality

Lindsey Graham loses his mind: Even the gyrocopter guy is really about Islamic terrorism!

How the ravages of inequality fall on the pets of the poor: "We're putting people in a Catch-22"

Killer cops are camera shy: It's not a crime to film the police — so why do they act like it is?

How we beat the anti-vaxxers: The obvious solution all sides could agree on

"Louie" and the bleakness of middle-aged love: Do all relationship roads have to lead to ruin?

Larry Wilmore discovers the super-racist way TV Guide mistakenly listed his show

Fox News' hysterical Hillary freakout: O'Reilly & Hannity go on the warpath over "Scooby Van"

Neil deGrasse Tyson destroys moon landing truthers: "Are you trying to blow my mind?"

“Daily Show” breaks down the most patriotic news stories of the year: “Devout religiosity paired with gun-toting paranoia — very American!”

Physicians urge Columbia to drop its "unacceptable" affiliation with pseudoscience promoter Dr. Oz

Three quarters of Americans believe sexual orientation should be a protected class

This is the weirdest J.J. Abrams interview you will watch about the new "Star Wars" movie

Shia LaBeouf is still the worst guy in your cultural studies MA program: "The star is a byproduct of the machine age, a relic of modernist ideals"

Volunteer deputy who accidentally shot black man to death: "You must believe me, it can happen to anyone"

Jameis Winston's accuser is suing him for alleged rape

Bigots' demented new low: Maggie Gallagher tells GOP hopefuls how to turn down a gay wedding invite

"This man knows as much about Jesus as I do about fixing cars": Homophobic repair shop gets destroyed by Yelp reviewers

"I don't have pencils at home to do my homework": Elementary students share heartbreaking notes with their teacher

Ben & Jerry's spectacular 4/20 creation: The "Brrr-ito"

Pickup artist: Women with short hair are committing self-harm, should be monitored by authorities

Sarah Jessica Parker and "Divorce": 5 reasons we’re looking forward to her return to HBO

Live from New Hampshire: Jeb Bush eats eggs! And then talks about policy

"Baby got back": Michael Bublé comes under fire for bodyshaming a stranger on social media

Bobby Jindal presses Louisiana GOP to pass "religious freedom" bill that would put Indiana's to shame

"Celebrate your white heritage in March": New Jersey deli owner closes shop after racist snafu

Ted Cruz's frightening gun fanaticism: When a presidential contender encourages armed insurrection

Bill Maher, listen up: 30 do's and don'ts for covering Muslims and Islam

Jon Stewart investigates the extreme hypocrisy of Dick Cheney

"I’m on television and you’re in a f**kin’ trailer, honey”: Britt McHenry’s tantrum video puts angry, entitled celebs on notice

Community Discussion: What is the value of a rhino?

Gwyneth's SNAP Challenge bombed, of course: Living in poverty takes skills she didn't bother to learn

Ferguson protesters referred to as "enemy forces" by Missouri National guard

Turns out, crickets may not be the solution to all of our problems

Jeb Bush and Martin O'Malley's dangerous disregard for democracy: Why they're wrong about public opinion

The Ivy League's favorite war criminal: Why the atrocities of Henry Kissinger should be mandatory reading

Bomb squad responds to an egg filled with candy: The week in weird news