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"Would you do this to a man?”: Melissa McCarthy destroys sexist reporter who called her "hideous"

Matthew Weiner, Jeb Bush and our "cynical" little doubts: From Big Oil to classic Coke, suddenly it's "arrogant" to question what we're being sold

Feminist icon Vivian Gornick, still in the fight: A conversation with Jonathan Lethem

Kim Kardashian is not unstoppable: How to beat flawless TV celebs in the book sales game

Secrets of Osama bin Laden's library: The mystic, searching book now being misinterpreted as a conspiracy text

Up all night in Mexico City: "Güeros," a gorgeous, ecstatic slacker odyssey, is one of the best movies of the year

10 Things to Know for Friday

7 ideas completely lost on people who are "fiscally conservative but socially liberal"

When lapdogs rolled over for Bush: The mainstream media's laughable Iraq hypocrisy

Robert Reich: Bernie Sanders could save higher education

The GOP's xenophobia primary: Why the Republican candidates are rejecting immigration -- and their best shot at the White House

"Morning Joe's" Nazi freakout: Joe Scarborough is a bullying egomaniac (pt. 134)

White people, take responsibility for your Waco thugs: Black Americans are tired of being the country's conscience

10 Things to Know for Today

Kansas keeps on bleeding: Sam Brownback's tax-cut miracle still hasn't arrived, and won't any time soon

We must stop trusting Big Oil: How many environmental nightmares does it take?

Bill Kristol's latest Iraq nonsense: Dumber and more dangerous than David Brooks

Obama has lost Paul Krugman: Administration's selling of new trade pact "a snow job"

Geraldo Rivera: It seems "black lives matter only when they're killed by cops"

Bobby Jindal's sad strategy: Why he needs another freak show to win the GOP nomination

Charles Krauthammer: President Obama only "pretending" to fight ISIS

Bill O'Reilly & Josh Duggar's shame is America's shame: How abusive and violent men get away with it

Here are some high-profile Republicans who are buds with Josh Duggar, confessed child molester

"Family values" creeps have a tough week: Josh Duggar, Bill O'Reilly & the sickening hypocrisy of the sanctimonious right

Rebel Wilson lied to us about her age and history because we asked her to

Josh Duggar's incomplete confession: "I acted inexcusably"

Suey Park -- the hashtag activist responsible for #CancelColbert campaign -- reflects on Internet fame and infamy one year later

France's bold attack on food waste: Law will prohibit supermarkets from trashing unsold food

Should the Duggars keep their TLC show? "Hell, no," says "Honey Boo Boo" matriarch Mama June

Drunk Chris Pratt teaches an acting masterclass, and it's adorable

Mike Huckabee's creepy Duggar love: "Good people do ... disgusting things"

"Fox and Friends" ugly Girl Scout freakout: Why the right is so afraid of "transgenderism"

Twitter reacts to disturbing Josh Duggar revelations: "Today irony and karma got married"

The redemption of #CancelColbert's Suey Park: Can Twitter forgive and forget?

Josh Duggar resigns from anti-LGBT Family Research Council and apologizes for underage sex assaults

Marital sexism of the 1 percent: "I could raise the kids, but you could never make a million dollars on Wall Street"

Watch Bill Murray set the mood for his melancholy Christmas special

"When Marnie Was There": Tomboy meets ghost in this wistful seaside tale that might be Studio Ghibli's last

AUDIO: Let's revisit what Michelle Duggar said about LGBT people being child predators

The Christian right's shocking conquest: Why religious moderates have disappeared from America

GOP's ground troops conundrum: As ISIS advances, how will Republican candidates (try) to thread the needle?

Don't buy the GOP's birth control bullsh*t: Why Cory Gardner's over-the-counter contraception bill is a giant fraud

7 times women shut down sexist reporters

Jeb's voodoo math: 2016 hopeful promises to wreck the budget -- just like his brother did

This is your brain on Whiteness: The invisible psychology of white American ignorance explained

The greatest temper-tantrum ever: President Obama's reaction to this child's Red Room meltdown is priceless

TLC pulls "19 Kids and Counting" after sexual abuse confession

Archives show Hillary Clinton OK'd tax breaks for nonprofits

Elle puts a breastfeeding mom on its cover -- but you won't see it in the store

In the age of Amazon, it takes celebrity to launch an indie bookstore

Scientists destroy another climate denier myth: Rising CO2 levels aren't good for plants

Community Discussion: What is the future of wind power?