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The hyper-imperial president: How John Boehner's resignation will lead to an even more powerful executive

John McCain's insane delusions: The big Afghanistan lie he will not let go of

Dating while depressed: Awkward hook-ups, one-night stands and sketchy family boundaries paint a messed-up portrait of "Casual"

Guns are cuddly security blankets: How the media helps right-wing gun nuts push propaganda

Chrissie Hynde blows up at NPR interview: "Just don't buy the f*cking book, then, if I've offended someone. Don't listen to my records"

Don't look, but Jeb Bush just kinda-sorta praised Donald Trump

These murderers were made at home: The Oregon shooter's mother armed her son — just like Adam Lanza's did

"The bees are trying to tell us something": We may want to listen to the animal our survival depends on

"(T)error" goes inside the FBI's crappy, incompetent and thoroughly deceptive anti-terror campaign

Thomas Friedman, read your Chomsky: The New York Times gets Putin/Obama all wrong, again

Secrets of "Saturday Night Live" at 40: "There would never be anything like this again"

The prisoners who kicked Harvard's ass: Only people who think Ivy Leaguers are smarter than felons were surprised

"Wall Street has won again": Bernie Sanders torches Trans-Pacific Partnership

Neoliberalism is crushing your mailman: The myth of the postal service's financial ruin

Alabama hospitals are quietly drug testing new mothers -- without their consent

Trevor Noah schools racists: "The Daily Show" has an essential new mission and comic voice

The big father figure lie: Race, the Kardashians and the latest war on Black moms

"Annihilate America": Inside a secret, frightening scheme to sell nuclear material to ISIS

Bill Clinton's shocker on Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump is "the most interesting character out there"

"This has gotta be racist, right?": Larry Wilmore's brilliant new feature eviscerates Alabama voter suppression

We put our kids in solitary: The "dark little corner" of mass incarceration that gets short shrift

Trevor Noah's bows to Aaron Sorkin's massive ego: Another puffy interview from a "Daily Show" host with work to do

Bill O'Reilly doesn't believe in child poverty: "There are no urchins running around starving because of the system"

Trevor Noah dissects the Uber economy: "You get into it for the 19-year-old who vomits in the back seat of your Camry"

Ben Carson's compassion: "No body with bullet holes is more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away"

Donald Trump still has his rivals trembling in fear -- and he's exposing them for the cowards they are

"What is it you want, f**khead?": Howard Stern rants over Roger Waters' letter to Bon Jovi on Salon

Trey Gowdy assures America the Benghazi committee will ask Hillary Clinton "fact-centric questions"

Nicki Minaj to Miley Cyrus: "You have some big balls"

Stephen Colbert throws softballs: Suddenly he's got a bad case of Jimmy Fallon niceness

Pretty much everyone is a loser in Donald Trump's world

A congressman just caught the Bern: Bernie Sanders set to win first congressional endorsement

Bernie Sanders: "Do I need more outreach with the Latino and African-American community? Absolutely!"

Go the f**k away, Jay Leno. Please. Now.

Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: Democratic frontrunners disagree on Wall Street, minimum wage and trade

Ben Carson is just this vile: 5 repugnant statements he's made since the Oregon mass shooting

We've sold out the environment and our jobs: The ugly truth about the "toxic" TPP

Democratic congresswoman lays waste to her colleagues for their empty words on gun violence

Hilariously paranoid Matt Drudge "appears" on conspiracy monger Alex Jones' show to slag Salon, demand location of "Hillary's lovers"

Diane Ravitch calls out charter-school nonsense: "Let her bring the hedge fund billionaires and her secret sauce to save all the children"

"I know what I did was terrible:" Steve Rannazzisi opens up about 9/11 lie in anguished 40-minute Howard Stern interview

They think they're all Clint Eastwood: Donald Trump, Ben Carson & the right's demented gun fantasies

"I will keep talking until somebody listens:" 27 Bill Cosby accusers come together for "Dateline" interview

Meet the Second Amendment dead-enders: The gun fetishists whose zombie arguments kill reform

This is why they're deniers: The science that goes deep into the anti-climate-change brain

Donald Trump, American hustler: The frightening fascist tendencies of his GOP rise

I fought for nothing: Staggering incompetence, egregious corruption & America's doomed war in Afghanistan

Marco Rubio just created a spectacular mess for himself: Why his no-show Senate record is becoming a big problem

Bill Clinton backhands Bernie Sanders: Progressives are more than "hacked off"

Good woman with a gun shoots up Home Depot parking lot trying to take down suspected shoplifters

The pope rebukes the GOP: The real story behind Boehner's departure and the right's assault on American values

Donald Trump's "wall of shame" revealed: Office features sad photos of failed rivals Scott Walker & Rick Perry

Thanks, Republicans! Your insane war on Planned Parenthood keeps making reproductive rights more popular

A Joe Biden campaign would be an epic mistake: He'd make the race a contest of personalities, not policies

10 more depraved lessons I learned reading Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

Elizabeth Warren torches Big Oil in a signature Elizabeth Warren moment: "We weren't sent here to work for them"

Bobby Jindal can't get more despicable than this: His ugly response to the Oregon shooting is why he deserves to be losing

Lance Bass reveals he was "inappropriately" touched during 'NSYNC days