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Dark Three Dog Night of the soul: Day Zero in Cleveland features fireworks, dancing Republicans and a big black fence

"This guy looks like a chode": For historic moment, alt-right trolls hijack convention stream live-chat

Chris Christie's week from hell: Five of the governor's appointees have drawn the attention of federal prosecutors over corruption allegations

"Coercion masking as unity": Chaos reigns as #NeverTrump forces attempt a coup at GOP convention

The RNC's pop-culture wasteland: This Republican convention is seriously lacking in star power

WATCH: Comedian Eric Andre hilariously trolls extreme right-winger Alex Jones at Republican convention

White fragility is real: 4 questions white people should ask themselves during discussions about race

Free Jillian Holtzmann: It’s time for Sony to let the most compelling Ghostbuster be out and proud

John Kasich laughed when asked if he'd speak for Trump at RNC: Only if he "changed everything he says"

Rep. Steve King defends RNC's lack of diversity: "Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?"

"I blame Hillary": Mother of intelligence analyst killed at Benghazi calls Clinton a murderer

"Who said nothing good came out of reality TV?": Scott Baio, "The Real World" and Trump's not-so star studded RNC opening night

Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump will do for America what I did for New York City

Trump steals the show from wife Melania at RNC: Twitter erupts after his WWE-style introduction

Nowhere to go: World's six richest nations host only 9 percent of refugees

“The Mistake on the Lake": What Trump and the GOP could learn from Cleveland

Ailes on the brink? A shake-up at the top of Fox News would have big political repercussions

President Trump = President Nixon: The Donald in the White House would be Tricky Dick on steroids

Joining forces in Cleveland: European-style nationalism is poised to unite with Trump's GOP

The conspiracy convention: Alex Jones and the fringe right get their Cleveland spotlight

Fear and loathing of Clinton: Forget Melania — Hillary-hating took center stage at RNC's opening night

“It’s like a nightmare that just won’t go away”: The Corinthian Colleges scam demonstrates the madness of student debt

No way out: Trump delegate squash shows GOP leaders are trapped in a toxic relationship

WATCH: Stephen Colbert's crashing of the RNC is a sight to behold

Trump campaign denies Michelle Obama's speech was plagarized for RNC before throwing Melania under the bus

WATCH: Don't know much about Mike Pence? Let Seth Meyers help you out

Strong man: Violence is a force that gives Donald Trump meaning

Hate, theft and disunity: The dismal themes of the Republican National Convention

Dispatch from the Cleveland lions' den: What I learned at a Donald Trump rally

"Against our wishes": Queen blasts Trump's use of "We Are The Champions" in RNC entrance

Don't fret over unrest: American history shows that electoral anger has often been an impetus for real change

Leslie Jones run off Twitter by swarm of racist trolls — and Twitter's response is all too predictable

"Campaigns against Gaza are a continuation of a campaign against all Palestinians": The directors of "Gaza in Context" on their new film

The ghouls have won: The first night of Donald Trump’s RNC was a political death cult

WATCH: 16-year-old sings pro-Trump tribute at bizarre rally

Rudy’s recycled fear and Melania’s plagiarized pablum: The GOP unleashes the goblins

The very public gun show: Downtown Cleveland is an open-carriers paradise

Megyn Kelly also accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, New York magazine reports

Protesters disrupt RNC with anti-racist, anti-war, environmentalist messages

WATCH: Lizz Winstead talks to Salon about pro-choice "sidewalk counselors" trying to transform conservatives in Cleveland

Corey Lewandowski: Paul Manafort "should be held accountable" if he "signed off" on Melania Trump speech

Yes, plagiarism is a big deal: Melania Trump's stolen words show how cynical Trump's campaign is

Who are the guys marching outside the RNC with assault rifles?

Drugs, despair, disintegration: 20 years later, "Trainspotting" still resonates