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A geopolitical argument for Hill: Just because America can afford a President Trump doesn't mean it should

EXCLUSIVE — WATCH: Kwame Jackson on Donald Trump: "That is how Hitler rose to power"

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BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Eric Trump, for his wildly color-blind analysis of the electoral map

#RepealThe19th: Donald Trump supporters tweet new anthem after Nate Silver's poll shows he'd win if only men voted

Trump fans can't delude themselves much longer: USC/LA Times poll finally swings toward Clinton

Leaked emails: Lobbyist warned Hillary's campaign chair about 9/11 lawsuit against Clinton Foundation donor Saudi Arabia

Thomas Dolby's "Speed of Sound": From "She Blinded Me With Science" to Silicon Valley and academia

Lake Wobegon's new mayor: Chris Thile's "Prairie Home Companion" will go "from Bach to Kendrick Lamar"

Moms, daughters, beauty and brains: Are we short-changing our girls by pretending that appearances don't matter?

U.S. bombs rebel-controlled territory in Yemen, after supporting Saudi-led war for months

Single in Shanghai: A generation of unmarried adults is causing panic in China

Evil Corp. escapes again: Sure, CEO John Stumpf resigned and Wells Fargo paid $185 million — but the bank is getting off easy

New hope for undocumented immigrants: DAPA might not be dead — a bold legal strategy could protect millions from deportation

Samsung Note 7 recall expands to replacement phones

Elton John is writing an autobiography about his "crazy life"

Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature

See no evil: Is the muted outcry over the video of Michael Sabbie's beating proof we've all become uncomfortably numb?

Hip to be square: Is there really a feminist, secular anti-choice movement? (Spoiler: No)

Peak Trump madness: With a month to go, Donald Trump's supporters descend into conspiracy-theory insanity

Rudy Giuliani apologizes after saying Hillary Clinton wasn't in New York on 9/11 (she was there the next day)

People reporter says Donald Trump assaulted her in 2005; floundering GOP nominee threatens New York Times with lawsuit

Katrina Pierson's “armrest” defense: Donald Trump couldn't have groped woman because that's not how first-class seats work

Jerry Falwell Jr. stands by "changed man" Donald Trump despite sexual assault allegations: "The New York Times is very anti-Trump"

Waiting for more tapes: Leaked "Apprentice" clips may not be easy to come by

President Obama will campaign for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, as Democrats target the state

Donald Trump's accusers are all coming forward with their sexual assault allegations

Vladimir Putin ally: President Donald Trump would bring "peace on planet Earth"

Hollywood sexism hurts more than careers: “Traditionally women have used fame as a platform"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's critics are enjoying the charges against the controversial Arizona lawman

Roger Stone denies collusion with WikiLeaks in Hillary Clinton campaign email hacks but met with a friend of Julian Assange

Newt Gingrich inadvertently slams Donald Trump: There's a “little Trump” who's “frankly pathetic”

Chris Christie facing possible Bridgegate indictment: The final piece of a spectacular political collapse

Here are all the defenses Donald Trump's surrogates have used to explain his sexual assault claims

Donald Trump called for the incarceration of minorities, but no one noticed because he said he could grab women's junk

Joe Biden slams Donald Trump's sexual assault shoulder shrugging: "That is the ultimate abuse of power"

Michelle Obama goes high while attacking Donald Trump's "locker room talk": "This isn't about politics. It is about basic human decency"

Donald Trump calls AP reporter a "sleazebag," wouldn't answer questions about assault accusations

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tweets phone number and address of Donald Trump sexual assault accuser

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Bob Dylan deserves the Nobel Prize: He brought sophistication to the language of popular music like no one else

Bring it on: New York Times denies libel claims, calls Donald Trump sexual assault accusations "an issue of national importance"

Donald Trump has gone nuts: In speech meant to defend sex assault allegations, he goes full Breitbart