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Apple brings App Store to Mac

Mayan 2012 doomsday date may be incorrect

Where coach is better than the usual 1st class

Ex-Playmate charged with attempted murder in L.A.

After Ginni Thomas: Who will want an apology next?

Iran, Venezuela leaders seek "new world order"

Proposed Florida immigration bill would exempt white immigrants

Founding Fathers' papers to be accessible online

Beware the fierce climate hawk!

Sheriff: Five hurt as car plows into California school bus

George Soros' "foreign" money

Working Class Foodies: Bratwurst

Texas millionaire gives $7 million to GOP group

Meet the "stiletto stoners"

Texas businessman gives $7M to Rove-tied group

Wednesday link dump: Koch party

Is suicide illogical?

Roundup: Would Lehman Sisters have failed?

Virginia textbook claims blacks fought for Confederacy

I was anti-gun, until I got stalked

Time for Dems to slam the GOP hypocrites

NPR fires Juan Williams for anti-Muslim bigotry

Early Oscar odds: "Inception" vs. "Social Network"

Right-wing publisher rehabilitates Lindbergh

Will Walmart's locavore promises mean much?

Joe Miller vs. the press

O'Donnell not happy with her "I'm not a witch" ad

Jobless claims fall back down to seasonal average

Yale frat boy talks about "thoughtless and hurtful joke"

"Don't ask, don't tell" is back

Jodie Foster's baffling Mel Gibson defense

U.S. man heads home after 2 years in Iranian prison

Health centers accused of massive Medicare fraud

HTWW gets its game geek on

Chevron announces plans to drill new wells in Gulf

Colorado waives medical marijuana fees for poor

NBC's glowing, hilarious ode to Chris Christie

Candidate who shot Iraqis brags about gun skills

Obama: We should have sold our policies better

Honda issues a recall of undetermined size

Hypocritical Huckabee will boycott NPR

My 20-something kids don't help around the house

About that Republican wave ...

A transparent trick, not a dirty one

M. Night Shyamalan announces sci-fi project with Will Smith