September 27, 2012 Archive September 2012

Record number of homeless kids in New York

Washington bomb-maker pleads guilty

Weird news: Officers discover kids, dog trapped in trunk of woman's car

Conservatives pour new money into 6 Senate races

NRSC might help out Akin after all

Philip Gourevitch: Memory is a disease

Soldier shoots comrade in the face trying to cure hiccups

Morsi calls Syrian civil war "tragedy of the age"

No man is an island, unless he has the bomb

Jeffrey Eugenides: I don't know why Jodi Picoult is belly-aching

Judges targeted by right-wing groups

Quote of the day: "Balls"

More poll trutherism

Dumb tweet of the day: Yeah, that'll help

Greek general strike in pictures

Three TV rumors we hope aren't true

When "sexual fundamentalism" conquered Capitol Hill

"The Waiting Room": Welcome to Romneycare 2.0

Suicidal dogs and bipolar wolves

Poll: Ryan budget a loser in swing states

"Homeland's" Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody: A deranged love story

23 and still at home: Should I bust out?

NFL reaches tentative deal with refs

Must-see morning clip: Cameron's citizenship

School reform's propaganda flick

What Mitt was supposed to be

Chinese artist activist refuses to pay $1.1 million fine

Assange skewers Obama in UN speech

Lil Wayne breaks Elvis Presley's Billboard Hits record

Romney: It's still "early"

NY's latest sex scandal dogged by sordid past

New data on Wyo. frack site await interpretation

Mitt's no compassionate conservative

Hey, left wing: Quit griping!

Remembering the Sabra and Shatila massacres

Researchers claim to have uncovered second Mona Lisa

Army dedicates day to suicide prevention

Myanmar praises US decision to ease ban on imports

New York court to take up DOMA appeal

Samuel L. Jackson narrates Obama ad

Three shameless lies in the religious-right "voter guide"

Lewis Black returns to Broadway

Jerry Sandusky's "Victim 1" to release book, reveal identity

Mitt's poll plunge continues

AP had a Bachmann fact-check "quota"

Arab Americans favor Obama 2-1, down from 2008

"Law and Order" gets kinky

Lessons from the NFL lockout

Honey Boo Boo has a message for all of humanity

J.K. Rowling might write "director's cut" of Harry Potter

Drudge's latest dog whistle

"Last Resort": What if the U.S. Navy mutinied?

How Mitt Romney is like Walter White

Tea Party groups purge Ohio voter rolls

Tea Party favorite Steve King in trouble

Anne-Marie Slaughter: "I'm a card-carrying feminist"

Weird news: Insane Clown Posse sues the FBI

Akin: McCaskill was "more ladylike" in '06

Do Americans secretly hate their government?

Why Ryan is worse for Romney than "47 percent"

"Male" DNA found in "female" brains

Joan Didion, Diane Keaton bring '60s alive