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FEMA is wrongly placing homeowners in flood zones

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To live healthy, choose the right state

Colbert grills Spitzer on his "self-comptrol"

Physicists one step closer to explaining how the universe began

George Zimmerman won't get his gun back just yet

Joss Whedon's costume designer: "I love working in sci-fi and fantasy because there are no rules"

Justin Bieber stars in SNL's "greatest train wreck ever"

Imprisoned mom still hopes "Stand Your Ground" can help her

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Steve Jobs didn't build that

HPV vaccine also protects against certain throat cancers, study finds

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Twitter mocks Texas' proposed six-week abortion ban with brilliant hashtag

"Blackfish" director: "Using animals for entertainment is the bottom of the ethical totem pole"

Detroit is your problem, too

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Conservative leader: Porn is a form of "pagan sexuality"