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Meet the sex-obsessed Christian group trying to launch a crusade against television

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Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart mocks "creepy inmate" Rick Perry

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US stocks edge higher in early trading

The Ebola crisis keeps getting worse

Stephen Colbert blasts GOP for living "in a world of imagination"

Cop killings erased from history: A tale of federal negligence

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Fox News hates men

Police chief protests police brutality, is publicly chastised

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The NFL's new policy on preventing domestic violence could be a really, really big deal

Chief in $800M fraud gets 20 years prison

A UN watchdog released a report on racism in the U.S. and we are not doing well

Lifehacker promotes wedding bands as newest form of anti-rape technology, gets sexual assault prevention totally wrong

Actor arrested with Jackie Chan's son released

Just what the Gulf of Mexico needs: Deepwater fracking slated to expand