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Fox News more trusted than any other network, according to terrifying poll

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"Bachelor" play-by-play: Twitter reacts to the big finale

Missouri appeals judge appointed to take over Ferguson court

Baby improving after 14 hours in overturned car in icy river

Robert Reich: Most Americans have no influence at all

10 Things to Know for Today

Ted Cruz's "Menendez" favor: Why the wingnut tried to give an embattled Dem cover

"The Simpsons" wouldn't have been "The Simpsons" without Sam Simon

The left's racial dilemma: President Obama, Michelle Alexander & the nature of change

Joe Biden unloads on Senate Republicans seeking to torpedo Iran negotiations

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Kevin Spacey's impressions of Johnny Carson and Jack Lemmon are so good it's ridiculous

University of Oregon uses rape survivor's medical records against her in lawsuit

"This doesn't make sense!" Bizarre new Cosby video has Larry Wilmore totally perplexed

Fox News' pathetic Ferguson whitewash: Racist emails don't matter because racist emails are everywhere

Blame parents for those narcissist kids

"No one expects the truth": The secret to Bill O'Reilly's professional survival

A staggering number of Republicans can't see themselves supporting Chris Christie

Dan Aykroyd to ride the sexist "Ghostbusters" reboot backlash all the way to the bank

McDonald's is so desperate it's thinking about selling kale

“Sluttery feels so negative": The "Broad City" women explain where they draw the line

Laura Ingraham on Redskins mascot outrage: "They think they're having their Selma moment"

Did HBO's "The Jinx" just solve a murder case?

Texas fraternity under fire for reportedly forbidding "deuschbags," "Mexicans" and interracial dating

The conservative plot to destroy the middle class: Scott Walker, "right-to-work" and America's new Gilded Age

Aaron Schock may be toast: News keeps getting worse for embattled congressman

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2016's untold story: How the election could bring a new wave of progressive warriors

"Zoolander 2" announced with an epic walk off at Paris Fashion Week

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"White conservative victimization": Jon Stewart slams Fox News' Selma coverage

America is literally on fire: How out-of-control oil spills are destroying our population centers

"Decker": Adult Swim's delightfully lowbrow, low-budget "American Sniper" parody returns

Red states' SCOTUS reckoning: Oklahoma governor suddenly terrified of losing subsidies

Ted Cruz: Freedom won't survive unless we deny gay people theirs

Tom Cotton's dopey talking points: Getting it wrong on Iran, over and over

FDA report reveals illegal antibiotics in milk

America's broken brain trust: Why public intellectuals are hastening our empire's demise

The top 10 movies on the iTunes Store

Bibi in big trouble: New poll shows Israeli PM in danger of losing bid for fourth term

Breast cancer blogger Lisa Adams didn't "lose a battle"

New Mexico lawmaker: Some rape is "just drunk college sex"

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America's "bipartisan" delusion: How the White House learned to ignore Republicans

Aziz Ansari takes on feminist critics: "Did it really seem like I was trying to talk down to women?"

Clinton: "Looking back, it would've been better if I'd used a second email account"

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