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Clothing company discontinues surfer shirt that accidentally evoked lynching

Israeli election too close to call as polls close

Lean back, Eric Schmidt! How interrupting men & unconscious bias are killing women's careers

America's white fragility complex: Why white people get so defensive about their privilege

Netanyahu's ugly final pitch: Relying on fear-mongering to close the deal

"Republicans are getting worse": Barney Frank unloads on GOP bigotry -- and Obama's mistakes

Ashley Judd pressing charges against misogynist trolls who threatened her over sports

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Want to know more about Robert Durst? Here's the essential long-reads list for "Jinx" fanatics

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“Community”: Not as brilliant as it once was, but some greatness survives

Male angst in the wild: Emasculation panic fuels "Backcountry," a satisfying hipsters-vs.-bear thriller

I was an abstinence teacher -- until I got fired for getting pregnant

Are smartphones really ruining our sex lives?

4 numbers that prove America's economic model is broken

This Danish professor wants his students to watch porn in class

GOP's "screw the poor" budget: Republicans plan some serious pain for low-income Americans

Neocon's racial bait-and-switch: How John Podhoretz excuses blatant bigotry

Reddit's ugly, racist secret: How it became the most hateful space on the Internet

BP's absurd propaganda campaign: How it keeps trying to whitewash the Deepwater Horizon

"Whole new world, baby": Conservatives gloat over Netanyahu's victory

Presbyterian Church changes definition of marriage to include same-sex couples

Jimmy Kimmel gets people to profess their love for fake bands at SXSW

"Son of a b*tch!" Jon Stewart hammers "disingenuous" GOP and "dumb-ass" Dems over anti-sex trafficking fiasco

Hillary Clinton crushes Dem, GOP rivals in new poll

"I am called a whore": Ashley Judd unloads on the Internet's grossest trolls

House Republicans are literally threatening national security with their latest attack on climate science

Roger Goodell wouldn't go on "Between Two Ferns" because NFL didn't want him to get picked on

"A real sourpuss": Bill O'Reilly was at "SNL's" 40th anniversary show and apparently didn't laugh once

"I wish I could kill some of these cops": James O'Keefe allegedly fired an employee for refusing to incite anti-police violence

If "Louie" is a comedy, so is "Orange Is the New Black": The Emmys still can't figure out funny

Crisis pregnancy center tells woman her IUD is "your baby," plus countless other lies

GOP plutocrat gallops to Rahm Emanuel's rescue: What Kenneth Griffin's support says about "Mayor 1%"

American patriotism is for suckers: Dwight Eisenhower, George W. Bush and the end of Manifest Destiny

"I've made my decision -- I'm out": Glenn Beck leaves GOP

FEMA won't give money to states that don't plan for climate change

Tucker Carlson's ultimate humiliation: Corruption, "journalism" & a flagrant conflict of interest

Tea Party's moment of truth: Bush, Walker & the fight for the soul of the GOP

"We just agreed we would disagree": Jeb Bush & the Catholic Church's "culture of life" hypocrisy

Mitch McConnell gives up: How he traded all legislative goals to appease the nuts

Stop poisoning the race debate: How "respectability politics" rears its ugly head -- again

Pay attention, climate deniers: Earth just experienced its warmest winter on record

Someone finally said it: Men don't trust women at all

"I'm actually black, but you assumed otherwise": Jay Smooth coolly makes it out of the most awkward interview ever

Starbucks should have #KnownBetter: 7 horrible Twitter fails by major corporations

From Gryffindor to Dauntless: "Insurgent" and our obsession with young adult sorting rituals

Thomas Friedman asks if US should arm ISIS to fix problems created by policies he supported

"He'd show me a picture of somebody's vagina": The most insane Charlie Sheen revelations from Jon Cryer's memoir