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Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

Scientists: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is airborne, capable of "traveling for long distances"

“Kansas continues to bleed revenue": News keeps getting worse in conservatives' anti-tax utopia

Mice are tiny, quiet singers, according to science

Here's the life-sized chocolate sculpture of Benedict Cumberbatch you never, ever asked for

“It’s making a strong statement”: Cop charges four teens with felony child pornography ... to teach them a lesson

Yelp users hilariously revolt against Indiana pizza shop that refuses to cater same-sex weddings

The right's made-up God: How bigots invented a white supremacist Jesus

Keira Knightley tackles Hollywood sexism: "Where are the female stories?"

Stop ruining Twitter for comedians: You don't get smart, edgy jokes without sometimes making a mess

Boomer parents destroyed us: I needed rules and boundaries, not parents who want to be friends

Helen Mirren says what many women and men know: Sex after 60 is hotter than ever

I called him pathetic, he accused me of ruining his life: What children did to our marriage

Figures on government spending and debt

Wal-Mart's new labor disgrace: How it's trying to weasel its way out of hundreds of millions in damages

The left's real chance in 2016: How to win back foreign policy from the hawks

GOP's fear of doctors: Why it's hell bent on defaming -- and censoring -- them

The United States of Indiana: Discrimination is perfectly legal in America. Where's our outrage?

The right's "freedom" meltdown: Why GOP still doesn't get what liberty actually means

Indiana's highway to hell: Welcome to the sick new corporate order

Shocking sex, vicious violence and exquisite betrayal: "The Americans" keeps testing our limits, week after week

Penn Jillette ridicules supporters of anti-gay Indiana law: You're not being forced to "engage in gay sex"

Harry Reid has the perfect response when asked if he'll become a lobbyist

Anti-LGBT Indiana pizza shop closes indefinitely amidst protest

"Christians are targets": Bill O'Reilly compares opponents of IN's religious freedom law to terrorists

Ted Cruz goes ballistic over "radical" idea that gay people should enjoy equality

David Spade remembers "Tommy Boy” and Chris Farley: "One of the all time funniest mother f**kers”

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig secretly made a Lifetime movie

Robbed of its anarchic spirit, “Furious 7” shifts gears into an ass-kicking, hyper-sentimental meditation on death

Howard Dean's Iran secret: "Famously dovish" Dem is paid shill for Iranian regime change group

Ed Schultz flips out on Indiana anti-gay law supporter, cuts his mic

America's "Menendez" problem: How big money poisons politics -- and how it can be fixed

Jeb's spineless cave to donors: Why he's really backtracking on the Indiana law

Chris Messina: Mindy Kaling has "incredible balls" for tackling anal sex on TV

America's bizarre Elizabeth Warren obsession: Seth Meyers deconstructs the media's ongoing 2016 insanity

Bill O'Reilly gross stop-and-frisk defense: Justified by New York community's "ghetto situation"

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Maddie Ziegler is back and dancing up a storm in Sia's "Big Girls Cry" video

Tom Cotton's Iran humiliation: How the talking points robot short-circuited on gay rights

US stocks edge higher after 2 days of losses

"They're human beings!": David Letterman blasts Indiana over anti-gay law

“We need to stop counting the bruises”: On the NFL, Indiana's RFRA & what violence really looks like

Why is PayPal still allowing hate groups to use its services?

Chris Christie's email mess: How his team tried to "conceal" secret activities

The blood moon returns! Everything you need to know about Saturday's historic lunar eclipse

Amy Winehouse's heartbreaking confession in new documentary: "I don’t think I could handle" fame

"Payback" against Bob Menendez? Why the right's theory doesn't hold up

FBI's brazen terrorism lie: What the Boston Marathon bombing trial reveals about America's deluded terror narrative

Barack Obama's Frank Underwood impression is terrible

Mike Huckabee discovers secret gay conspiracy to close all churches

Put Monica Lewinsky on "The View" already!

Religion is a pyramid scheme: Scientology and the lasting lesson of "Going Clear"

International powers agree on framework for Iran nuclear deal

"A nastier Jon Stewart for a nastier age": South African writer weighs in on Trevor Noah

Anatomy of an Internet freakout: The hilariously overhyped advent of the iPad age

The American empire is over: Afghanistan, China and our new bystander status

The Internet's dumb, hateful Indiana freakout: Pizza parlor's shameful ignorance doesn't justify a social-media crucifixion

Glenn Beck wants to help women fulfill their "God-given right to feel pretty" by selling them $150 jeans

The right's ridiculous new terror: How Mike Huckabee and others are fighting "homofascism"

Neil deGrasse Tyson got political -- and Twitter did not like it

John Oliver can't believe his eyes: 4th graders’ adorable school project gets brutally shot down by lawmakers

Miley Cyrus vs. Tom Cotton: Star tells fans to "stir some sh*t up" over senator's anti-LGBT comments