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"They treated us as if we were murderers": The trauma of an ICE raid

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The 8 kinkiest passages of the Bible

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I was a Republican pothead: What I learned about drug-war hypocrisy from my brush with disaster

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Paul Krugman: Uh-oh, we're just this screwed

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Beware the Silicon Valley elite: Ayn Rand, Google libertarianism and Indiana's "religious freedom"

5 worst right-wing moments of the week — Rush Limbaugh is pretty sure rape and racism don't actually exist

Ukrainian leader lifts objections to vote on regional power

Georgia teacher under fire for outrageous in-class tirade: Obama isn't a Christian and neither are his supporters

"It's pronounced 'Heb'": Jeb Bush registers to vote as "hispanic" and Twitter pounces

Chris Wallace's body-shaming mea culpa: Fox News host says he's sorry for "offensive" Kelly Clarkson comment

Transgender woman details horrifying, heartbreaking abuse in men's prison

ALEC is threatening to sue the groups calling it out on its climate denial

Rick Scott's disgraceful Obamacare reversal: Florida gov changes his mind about medicaid expansion — again

"Ted's like Romney. He's got binders full of women": A "Mad Men" recap in tweets

This is quite possibly the most cringe-worthy Jeopardy fail of all time

Judge allows woman to serve divorce papers via Facebook

Rise of the "Obama doctrine": Thomas Friedman hypes new POTUS paradigm in NYT interview

Michael McKean: "Better Call Saul" is about "the American escape hatch instead of the American dream"

GOP's bizarro foreign policy: Alienate America's closest allies on "day one"

Bill Kristol's latest "kill" memo: Why polarizing the Iran debate won't help his cause

Reminder: Don't buy breast milk online -- because it's probably not 100% human

US stock indexes gain in quiet trading; oil price surges

Report: Silence and denial surround Oklahoma's "frackquake" problem

UVA fraternity to sue Rolling Stone over retracted campus rape story

"We should recognize that there are other imperialisms": A Marxist dissident explains what the left gets wrong about Russia

"Mad Men" and the tense sisterhood of Peggy and Joan: "I want to burn this place down"

Reza Aslan perfectly explains what Islamophobes are getting wrong about ISIS

Hateful politics and the Final Four collide in Indiana: "They were told they’re here to play basketball"

Rolling Stone's real disgrace: How its shoddy reporting let UVA off the hook

Mississippi frat boy withdraws from college after biting off a hamster's head on camera

Judith Miller's pathetic Iraq apologia: A disgraced reporter rallies to her own defense

"Mad Men" recap: Don Draper says goodbye to his greatest love

The NSA is still collecting "your dick pics": Edward Snowden's terrifying warning for John Oliver and America

Stop calling this man a "libertarian": What 2016 campaign journos miss about Rand Paul

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Mindy Kaling's brother's lousy "Almost Black" stunt completely misses the point on affirmative action and merit

Diane Sawyer will interview Bruce Jenner this month -- but will they discuss transition rumors?

"Kimmy Schmidt" parody "deeply hurt him": The strange death of Dr. Frederic Brandt, dermatologist to the stars

Bibi's Iran shocker: How he accidentally revealed his desire for more war

Desperate California farmers are relying on Chevron's wastewater