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Conservative columnist: Obama let Baltimore burn in order to postpone 2016 presidential elections

See George Carlin "live": Holograms of dead comedians are coming

McDonald's new Hamburglar is a flame-broiled pile of hipster garbage

NFL's epidemic of violence against women continues: 49ers' Ahmad Brooks accused of sexual assault

Natalie Portman condemns Netanyahu's re-election: "I find his racist comments horrific"

Business Highlights

Punched, groped, beer thrown in my face: Being a woman at a concert can be terrifying

Please, please, please don't let the Smiths reunite

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Authorities find fake skeletons in underwater lawn chairs

A look at where the 2016 hopefuls stand on immigration

"The buck stops nowhere": Meet the corrupt new elite running (and ruining) our economy

The Middle East is America's collateral damage: The brutal truth about America's drone wars

Robert Reich: The Trans Pacific Partnership must be stopped

GOP's gay marriage dilemma: Concede to reality, or go all in on bigotry?

Israel's ultra-Orthodox poised for political comeback

Sorry, Iowa, but you're not that special: Hilarious hype aside, Jeb Bush can afford to lose the state

The government's deceptive "transparency" lies: The truth about how it's keeping its secrets

James Franco's McDonald's op-ed is light, airy and full of privileged sh*t

Name that scandal! Jon Stewart shows that in the corruption contest between NY and NJ, everybody loses

"You want her to die!": Watch Pam Geller and Anjem Choudary brawl on "Hannity"

Cleveland Cavaliers hastily pull video that shows fan body-slamming woman for wearing other team's gear

10 Things to Know for Today

"The Mindy Project" can't end without these 5 scenes

Fun fact: NFL's "Deflategate" report is twice as long as its Ray Rice investigation

"The Daily Show" rips Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio: "They’re like the WASPs of the Latino world!"

Donald Trump demonstrates his “natural relationship with the blue collar worker” — to be worshiped from a distance

Taylor Swift, real-life wish fairy, heard your cries for more female superheroes

Martin Short's goodbye song to David Letterman: "Farewell, we’ll meet again, hell!”

Rise of the GOP's culture-war zombies: Why the party of right-wing extremism will never give it up

Bernie Sanders, über-feminist: Making America more Scandinavian would mark a gender equality breakthrough

5 of the most horrific revelations about New York City's nail salons

Mark Ruffalo defends Joss Whedon’s feminism: "Black Widow is much stronger than Banner"

US appeals court: NSA phone record collection is excessive

Antiabortion groups vow to keep firing women for using birth control, even though it's illegal

Conan O'Brien impeccably matches 2016 candidates with their on-screen doppelgängers

Goodbye to all that: Hillary ditches the caution that helped doom her 2008 campaign

America's shocking religious ignorance: Pam Geller, Charlie Hebdo, and a country in over its head

Hospital efforts to save very premature babies vary widely

Stephen Colbert saves the day with a $800,000 grant for South Carolina Public schools

You will soon be able to type in Albert Einstein's handwriting

Pope Francis plans to send "missionaries of mercy" to forgive women for having abortions

A Michigan pig named Giggles is running for mayor -- opponent vows to "feast off" him at his victory party

The Bachmann effect: How she singlehandedly killed one of the GOP's most sacred (and pointless) traditions

"Maus" creator Art Spiegelman: Pam Geller and her ilk are a “nightmare, Bizzaro World" version of Charlie Hebdo

McDonald's brings back the Hamburglar in latest ad campaign

Don Draper staring blankly into space: A retrospective

Paul Krugman is wrong about capitalism

Chris Christie is just pathetic: Governor Bridgegate can't give up his presidential fantasy

Oregon science teacher arrested for teaching science

Scott Walker's first Israel trip to include helicopter tour

"The most interesting election" in generations: A primer on today's big UK vote

Texas Republican: Rape victims shouldn't receive abortion coverage because their claims aren't "measurable"

Iceland's vets are on strike -- and it's creating an animal welfare crisis

Breastfeeding in public is not indecent: This restaurant got it wrong — but then they made it right

How the "The Good Wife" went bad: Your comprehensive guide to the many recent fails of a previously-great show

Retired judge unloads on hypocritical Supreme Court: "They’re talking out of both sides of their mouth"

Fox News panel: White privilege doesn't exist -- and it's hurting black children

Too bad, Mike Huckabee -- Americans would rather have a gay president than a Christian evangelical