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Bernie Sanders explains on "The View" that he is "disappointed in President Clinton"

Michael Moore could have died last week: "Trying to get back to just breathing is enough of a burden"

"Real Housewives" of the penitentiary: Teresa Giudice’s prison memoir is no "Orange Is the New Black"

Obama "on verge of" launching another bombing campaign in Libya, after dropping 23,144 bombs on six countries in 2015

Bill Maher burns it all down: Trump's an idiot, Sarah Palin's "on meth," Hillary Clinton is "such a Charlie Brown"

Boys can wear Elsa dresses, too: California school's sexist standards send boy in "Frozen" costume home

"Gilmore Girls" town troubadour Grant-Lee Phillips will return to Stars Hollow: "It was such a subversive show"

The GOP primary is officially a horror film: Welcome to a world where Trump & Cruz are the last men standing

Trump's on fire, Bernie's in trouble: Why the post-New Hampshire primaries tell a tale of two candidates

"More corporate money in our elections": Believe it or not, big money is about to get even more powerful

"He" or "she" doesn't work for everyone: Why "misgendering" matters

The science of air guitar and car karaoke: How music teaches our brains to imagine what’s coming next

White Beyoncé haters don't get it: "Formation" isn't "race-baiting" — but it is unapologetically about race

"Zoolander” hasn’t aged well: This weirdly conservative, un-funny sequel betrays the original comedy’s roots

The Kochs' plot against America: How the billionaire industrialists are systematically dismantling American democratic ideals

Too many Flints to count: America's infrastructure is rotting -- and poisoning our children

Capitalism is making us miserable: New global survey challenges the most sacred of free-market dogma

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Written by and for the rich to further enrich themselves at our expense

Why Bernie Sanders' Judaism is so important

The climate change election: The Supreme Court just underscored the high stakes of the presidential race

Look out, Larry David: Jimmy Fallon just unleashed a killer Bernie Sanders impression

Bernie Sanders takes on Donald Trump's "false message," tells Stephen Colbert they are responding to different voter unease

Bernie Sanders wasn't the best thing about last night's late night. It was this amazing Larry Wilmore interview

Pharmaceutical corporations rake in billions on pneumonia vaccines while millions in poor countries go without

Wingnuts have a death-grip on Congress: Why Paul Ryan can't control the House GOP

Jeb Bush is this bad at winning primaries: Why his South Carolina game plan won't unseat Donald Trump

Donald Trump insists that Hillary Clinton is "evil" — or at the very least, "insane"

"Daily Show" falls for Ben Carson fans

"Trump is a demagogue running entirely on personality": Seth Meyers destroys idea that Sanders and Trump are two sides of same coin

"This adds insult to homicide": Cleveland sues Tamir Rice's family for ambulance fees after cop fatally shot him

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz spar on "The Kelly File" about which of them hates Trump more

Ted Cruz's top Nevada supporter spent the night negotiating for the Bundy clan in Oregon standoff

Noam Chomsky: "The U.S. is one of the most fundamentalist countries in the world"

Cliven Bundy arrested by FBI at Portland International Airport

"A little tipsy, dancing naked on her big bed, as adorable as she is sexy": These script introductions to female characters are terrible and hilarious

Meryl Streep claims "we're all Africans, really": Twitter erupts over her absurd attempt to deflect diversity criticism

Nothing new about Donald Trump's bigotry: He's just an amplified version of what outlets like Fox News peddle every day

Aaron Sorkin could ruin "To Kill a Mockingbird": The last thing Atticus — or Scout — needs is his pithy, caffeinated touch

President Obama pushes back against Bernie's definition of a progressive and sorta-kinda-almost endorses Hillary

Who did it best?: Larry David versus Jimmy Fallon as Bernie Sanders

"They think the system's rigged": Why millennials love Bernie Sanders (and hate Donald Trump)

"Toxic politics of fear and resentment": Nicholas Kristof's epic takedown of Trump and the right

The CIA's ludicrous spying charade: Here's what you need to know about John Brennan's angry Senate tirade

Sanders skeptics aren't stupid: It's time to stop saying they're ignorant and need education to bring them in line