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Shed no tears for Antonin Scalia: Let us not praise the man who gave us Citizens United and Bush v Gore

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The rise of the Trump Party: Why the Donald's shocking debate performance could signal the death of the old order

Samantha Bee to Mitch McConnell: "What better way to honor America's greatest champion of original intent than by wiping your obstructionist ass on the very document he holds so dear"

"Hamilton" saved the Grammys: If you think you hate popular music, a tired, epic-length awards show isn't going to help

Donald Trump pens op-ed supporting all forms of torture — especially the ineffective ones

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Marco Rubio epically fails to remake Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" ad

Antonin Scalia quickly becomes this generation's Vince Foster as Twitter declares he was murdered — murdered!

Manny Pacquiao, boxing legend and Phillipine Senate candidate, denounces gay people for being "worse than animals"

Scalia truthers: The murder conspiracy theories don't surprise us at all — it's typical, mainstream Republican paranoia

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