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Mass shooting attack at Tel Aviv market leaves at least nine wounded

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Here's what "Hamilton" fans say the Founding Fathers would really think of the state of our nation

Trump gets Hannitized: Facing down a media frenzy, Trump seeks out some Fox News love

"If he was black, people would be calling for his head": New Yorkers outraged at rapist Brock Turner's light sentence

Israeli official who justified killing Palestinian journalists speaks at museum memorializing the victims

Trump panic on the right: They've created this monster — and some are getting more desperate to find a way out

WATCH: Laura Ingraham attacks Hillary Clinton for fundamentally lacking what Donald Trump has in abundance -- "the magic sauce"

Ann Coulter's false equivalence: Trump isn't racist for calling out "Mexican" judge -- people complain about all-white juries all the time

Seth Meyers praises Clinton's "historic" primary victory: "A breakthrough for women and girls everywhere"

Obama rips the GOP on The Tonight Show: Republicans might not be happy with Trump as nominee, but "we are"

Sex, jeeps and laughter: 92-year-old Holocaust survivor offers advice on aging

Trump's people want to drop the topic of his racism against Judge Curiel, but conservatives are incapable of letting go

Maybe the word "rapist" is a problem: The utility of nouns and verbs, or accepting who we are and what we do

Democratic senator knows "perfect" VP candidate for Trump: Former Representative Todd "legitimate rape" Akin

D.L. Hughley perfectly sums up the GOP's dilemma with Trump: "What [they are] saying is that a racist is better than a liberal"

Donald Trump's response to Republicans worried about his racist statements: Relax, don't be so "politically correct"

"Supergirl" star fights to save his cousin from "pray away the gay" therapy that harms kids

"The Americans" slow-burns toward a big finish: Season 4 finale sets up complex endgame to come

Does Rep. Marsha Blackburn know where babies come from? Her congressional panel activities suggest she doesn't

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Martin Shkreli will face off against Bill Murray and the Wu-Tang Clan in a new musical

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"Negative energy" doesn't cause cancer: Don't gamble your health on a game show host's bad science

"I am filled with furious anger": Joe Biden pens passionate open letter to Stanford rape victim

“Champ, can I come in?”: How a 19-year-old intern scored this iconic Muhammad Ali photo