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"Monster" Hurricane Matthew hammers Florida coast, as Haiti death toll above 275

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Radical resurgence: In Afghanistan, the Taliban is becoming more powerful

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Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity say they are friends again

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to end deadly 50-year civil war

Online sex bust: Backpage.com's CEO arrested for sex-trafficking

Chelsea Clinton tells Seth Meyers she's used to spotlight: "I don't remember a time in my life when my family wasn't being attacked"

Paul Ryan, Donald Trump will stump together in Wisconsin

Donald Trump's town hall debate nightmare: He can't relate to real Americans, won't have temper for real questions

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Even Donald Trump's lawyers think he's a habitual liar

Another Donald Trump adviser has Kremlin connections: GOP lobbyist for Russian pipeline crafted Trump's major foreign policy speech

Donald Trump campaign calls positive jobs report an indication "that the Clinton-Obama economy is failing" people

Elena Ferrante's outer defends piece: "All I did was expose a lie"

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Jewish man arrested after criticizing Israel and U.S. at Kansas library's pro-Israel event

David Letterman: Donald Trump is "a damaged human being"

Scathing U.N. report: "Structural racism" endures in U.S., and the government has failed to protect African-Americans' rights

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Wall Street vice: How Wells Fargo encouraged employees to commit fraud

Donald Trump's poll-watching "voter fraud" squad sounds like it could easily lead to voter intimidation

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U.S. is "making excuses" for Saudi war crimes in Yemen, rights group says