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Supreme Court pick meets with Dems as GOP applies pressure

European Central Bank head warns on Trump deregulation push

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Signal received: White nationalists ecstatic over Trump's proposed policy change on terrorism

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

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Sean Spicer is less than impressed by Melissa McCarthy's "SNL" imitation

Donald Trump falsely claims that the media is covering up terrorist activities in Europe

The "paid protest" lie: The Trump White House is trying to delegitimize public protest

Democrats hold 24-hour protest on Senate floor in last-ditch effort to stop confirmation of Betsy DeVos

Is it tough being a kid? Try being a president's kid

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For indigenous communities, fish is more than food

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Conservative Christians are divided on Trump's stance on refugees — but they can be convinced

The Super Bowl’s big queer milestone: Lady Gaga was the first singer to reference LGBT people during a halftime show

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Appeals court weighs Trump immigration ban as travelers arrive to tears

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Trump's idea to scrap the Johnson amendment has wide reach, beyond GOP base

President Trump had less to do with the F-35 price cut than he thinks he did

Cheeto that looks like Harambe sells for $100,000 on eBay

DNC race hits the home stretch: Bernie Sanders blasts “failed status-quo”; Keith Ellison attacked on Islamic faith

Curing cancer in doggie patients could help humans, too

George W. Bush's "torture lawyer" turns on Trump — but it may be too late

President Trump disliked Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer performance on "SNL" because she's a woman

Melania Trump saw the White House as a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to profit: lawsuit

WATCH: Stephen Colbert admits that he is a Bowling Green massacre truther

President Trump still thinks that America should have taken Iraq's oil

May we all one day be as happy as Barack Obama is kitesurfing with Richard Branson

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Andy Puzder, President Trump's pick for labor secretary, admits he hired an undocumented immigrant

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Champagne dreams: $250 million Los Angeles mega mansion is the most expensive U.S. listing

Rep. Sean Duffy says "there's a difference" between ISIS-inspired attacks and Canadian mosque shooting

Top UK politician says he'll keep Donald Trump from speaking to Parliament

China is looking to Jared and Ivanka - not the State Department - to get through to the president