April 11, 2017 Archive April 2017

"Murder-suicide": Three killed, several injured in San Bernardino school shooting

"Love gov" no more: Robert Bentley pleads guilty to two misdemeanors, resigns as Alabama's governor

"You will pay": Season 3 of "Better Call Saul" accelerates into the dark

Salon’s author questionnaire: "Can it be true that even as I despised them, they intrigued me and thus opened new holes up in my imagination?"

Hygge babies: Here's why infants in Denmark cry less than in other countries

Surprise! The twists in the “Homeland” season 6 finale pay off

“We can’t let them win”: Passover is more than a holiday — it’s a call to arms against oppression

WATCH: Music for the masses — Genre-defying music is here to stay

Death by 1,000 cuts: How Republicans can still alter your health coverage

Approaching "societal collapse": New equation shows how quickly humans are wrecking the planet

This guy was involved in Bush-era purge of gay employees: Now he works on Trump's team

Don't be fooled by Donald Trump's "tax reform" talk -- just like Trumpcare, his plan is a massive tax cut for the rich

Global elites strike back: Have Jared and Ivanka defeated Bannon — and turned Trump into a cuckservative?

When is the NRA complicit? San Bernardino school shooting comes after Republicans move to relax gun restrictions

Eric Trump: Donald Trump bombed Syria because Ivanka told him to

Paul Krugman: Trump's recent attack had nothing to do with avenging Syrian children

CSI Justice Department: Jeff Sessions joins the war on science

Robert Reich: The truth about Trumponomics — and why the president is so wrong

WATCH: Michael McKean on his "Better Call Saul" brotherly conflict: "He's his own worst enemy"

Jimmy Kimmel: We're stuck with these airlines because "our only other choice is the bus"

Texas designed its voter ID law to discriminate against minorities, judge rules

Republicans are coming after Paul Ryan: He needs a "change in direction"

United Airlines' costly mistake: Dragging a passenger off an oversold flight is causing the company's value to crash

Bernie and the bust: People like Bernie Sanders, hate Mitch McConnell

Meet Bosch

Donald Trump hasn't said a word about Monday's shooting, but retweeted a glowing "Fox and Friends" story

Tipped off: Russia knew that Syria was going to use chemical weapons against its people

Flying high: Marijuana gets green lit on the TSA website, but you still can't bring pot on airplanes

Donald Trump's White House can't even organize the Easter Egg Roll

Democrats turn Tulsi Gabbard into a scapegoat on Syria — but her skepticism is warranted

Here's how Fox retaliated against a local reporter who says Roger Ailes wanted her to "submit to him sexually"

Donald Trump says NATO will be expanded, because his foreign policy makes no sense

Karma comes for Joe: Constituents yell "You lie!" at Rep. Joe Wilson during South Carolina town hall

Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" actually exists, which actually makes it worse

Democrats are going to bring back the filibuster when they eventually take back the Senate

It's about climate: S-Town gets serious about the personal ramifications of climate change

Blame Sam Brownback: If Republicans lose a seat in Kansas, it won’t be Donald Trump’s fault

Sean Spicer: Syria’s Assad is worse than Hitler because he “was not using the gas on his own people”