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Little big man

Trump seeks to spend more on nuclear weapons but buys little added capability

Trump called the shooting at a Manila resort a "terrorist attack." It wasn't

Donald Trump's populist promises continue to evaporate: The BS Carrier deal is only one example

From Paris to Bears Ears, Donald Trump's "Obama derangement syndrome" is going critical

Georgia's special election is breaking records

Making America meaner

A few things got left out of The Daily Caller’s report on the Confederate monument rally

European allies, American mayors vow to resist Trump's climate change policy

Open warfare breaks out among conservatives: March in lockstep behind Trump or show some infinitesimal spine?

Trevor Noah: Trump "may have doomed the planet" with Paris pullout

Donald Trump's travel ban will go to the Supreme Court

A retroactive ethics waiver that applies to Steve Bannon may have broken ethics rules

Ivanka Trump seems unfazed that one of the things she cared about was destroyed

Liberals and Europeans like the Paris deal, and that's why Trump wanted to get rid of it

Not even the Scripps Spelling Bee champ knows what do with "covfefe"

Hear a rare Radiohead "OK Computer" B-side, rereleased for the album's 20th anniversary

Vladimir Putin offers Megyn Kelly a 3-year-old suspect and a pill to remedy Russia "hysteria"

U.S. employment growth slows, trade deficit rises to highest level since January

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin proposes praying as a solution to gun violence

The media lowers the bar as we prepare to enter Trump’s new world order

Kathy Griffin claims "conspiracy" at mad, looping press conference

Austin mayor claps back at "Wonder Woman" women-only screening hater

WATCH: Cameras capture moment legendary ballerina decides to end her career

Ghosts are everywhere: What Harry Truman could teach Donald Trump about allies and friendship

While you were working, the Trump-Russia situation got a bit dicier

Sean Hannity will defend freedom of speech, but doesn't like The Onion talking about him

Even Hillary Clinton’s supporters are telling her to "move on”

Sweden is the gateway to the alt-right anti-immigrant agenda in Europe

Trump officials are cagey on whether the president believes in man-made climate change

Trump protesters could be facing decades in prison for inauguration demonstrations

WATCH: Grammy-nominated musician Mali Music drops highly anticipated new album

Former NYC commissioner is helping immigrants run for office

"There's a weird sexual energy": What's with the woman and her gay male friend in "#Adulting" and "Notions"?

What exactly is it? Crispin Glover’s surreal, cinematic vision of the big, bad world

Superhero films are bad for democracy