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Right-wing rag Daily Caller rails against "coastal elites," then asks its readers to buy $90 6-packs of "Les Déplorables"-brand wine

Jury acquits Milwaukee police officer in fatal shooting of Sylville Smith

Is big alcohol taking a hit from legal weed?

EPA employees speak out about the agency’s problems under Trump

Medical responses to opioid addiction vary by state, analysis finds

Religious freedom isn’t just for Hobby Lobby — it’s for indigenous rights, too

Destabilizing the Middle East (yet more)

Steve Scalise is a victim of political violence — but that does nothing to excuse his hateful politics

The face of Republican evil: It's not Donald Trump

The case for obstruction of justice

There are real paid protesters, but they're all right wingers

No major religious group in America supports refusal of service to LGBT people: poll

Trump ordered his top intelligence officials to refute Russia story: report

Think about it: Right-wing media channels don't want civility. They want war​

Never mind Trump and Russia: GOP still longs to investigate Obama, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch

Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler roast "Julius Caesar" protests

Details emerge about Senate Republicans' version of a mean health care bill

After Georgia election loss, Democrats are turning anger to Nancy Pelosi

Trump delivers campaign speech in Iowa after a local newspaper asked him to stop holding rallies

Watch Aubrey Plaza smoke weed with the chillest nuns ever

Cops investigate death threats made against "Caesar" director's wife

True the Vote can't finish their investigation into the "millions" that voted illegally last year

Ron Howard will take over as director of the Han Solo "Star Wars" film

Donald Trump: "I just don't want a poor person" in leadership positions

A registered lobbyist for Saudi Arabia now has a spot in Trump's White House

Police drag away protesters in wheelchairs from Mitch McConnell's office

Chris Christie: "I don't care" about my 15 percent approval rating

Power-mad coal king sues John Oliver for defamation, as promised

Trump says he was bluffing about "tapes" of conversations with James Comey

Senate Democrats react with horror to health care bill

Iowa's Republican Chairman is mad at Ben Sasse for criticizing Donald Trump

Surrogate: Bill Cosby may host town hall on how to avoid rape charges

Racist mother's tirade in Canadian health clinic is a broader issue: official

Under North Carolina law, no doesn’t always mean no

Sorry, haters, but studies prove diverse films outearn lily-white ones

Trumpcare's failure to launch: Conservatives complain that Senate Republicans' plan to repeal Obamacare doesn't go far enough

Alexis Bledel is returning for "The Handmaid's Tale" season 2, but how?

Report: Election hackers stole private voter data, altered voter information

LISTEN: How to beat perfectionism

The day he thought he could fly: How my father broke our family's silence on schizophrenia

"Prime Suspect: Tennison": An unnecessary prequel to a provocative "Masterpiece" classic

WATCH: Ani DiFranco demands reproductive freedom as "a civil right"

"Nobody Speak" director Brian Knappenberger: "Imagine very wealthy people applying Thiel’s tactics to other news sources you love"