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Clifford the Big Red Dog feted on 50th birthday

Amtrak testing 165mph trains

In the New Yorker, Mitt being Mitt

It's just a movie!

Justin Bieber's mom writes a memoir about her abusive childhood

Once a terrorist, not always a terrorist

Snookiville Law legislation introduced in NJ

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Morning after pill comes to NYC schools

Lies, gaffes, taxes: Mitt can never take responsibility

Quote of the Day: "Have a good life"

Weird news: Occubaby on the way

Dumb tweet: Somethin' 'bout my generation

Second coming of the Myspace

Candidates fight for working-class voters in ads

Anti-Islam, pro-Bachmann ad kind of backfires

Banded, stapled, saved

Son of a bigot

I quit my writing job!

The website where Mitt Romney's winning in a landslide

Could Romney take Ryan down with him?

UN envoy: Syrian war is threatening the region

Obama's ground game advantage

Why Romney is losing

Must-see morning clip: Conan diagnoses Mitt

Obama to urge UN to confront roots of Muslim rage

Cleavage's coming out party

Are the networks finished?

Schwarzenegger back, this time as think tank guru

Marines charged for urinating on Afghan bodies

NY a busy battleground of competitive House races

Blown call sparks NFL outcry

Celebrating the 50th New York Film Festival

Obama: time “not unlimited” to resolve Iran nuke

How Ayn Rand is wrecking football

Romney does have a few actor friends

Drone strikes in Pakistan "counterproductive"

Madeleine Albright is quite the drummer

Facts change, people don't

Study: Testicles are overrated

Is Jerry Boykin the new McCarthy?

Dumb Tweet: When Scott Walker supports unions

Sen. Scott Brown's staffers caught making "tomahawk chops"

Bill Nye: Creationism is not science

Police shoot dead mentally ill double-amputee

White supremacist arrested in Oregon

House prices rise across the country again

"Ben & Kate": Sweet new spin on the manchild and sexy sister

Madonna offers weird pro-Obama message

Birth control extremism bites GOP

GOP anti-tax guru Grover Norquist is losing it

Ahmadinejad's evil covers

Florida GOPer blames Occupy for imaginary break-ins

Naomi Wolf says her critics have problems with female sexuality

Extra NYPD reportedly protect anti-Islam ads

Washington Post fact checker calls torture-loving Washington Post columnist a liar

Did "Louie" kill the sitcom?

Obama warns Iran, "time is not unlimited"