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Take our nuclear waste, please!

The competitive advantage of deficit hacks

Predictive policing technology spreads on West Coast

Appeal by photographer in gay bias case is heard

E.U. bans cosmetics with animal-tested ingredients

New York's finest Islamophobes

Russia sees its first-ever lesbian glossy despite anti-gay ban

Atoms for Peace drops previously unreleased tracks from Thom Yorke and Radiohead

We let Charles Krafft fool us

"Mad Men" Season 6 poster gives a nod to the 1960s

Oakland police kept man on Most Wanted list for nothing

Has Paul Ryan forgotten that he lost?

Kentucky bill could protect discrimination as "religious freedom"

Conservative group tries to sway SCOTUS on gay marriage with flawed study

Addiction's shrinking gender gap

School textbook: Hippies were rude, didn’t bathe, worshipped Satan

My first taste of flesh

How Toms River cracked a cancer cluster

How to protect my children?

A Salon: Lloyd Cole and Rhett Miller on the new David Bowie album

Who owns the fish?

Did Obama get played by the Republicans?

My brother's life, unraveled

Senate releases government funding bill

Body of Delhi gang rape suspect returned to family

Report: More than half a trillion dollars needed to fix U.S. schools

Financial info of celebrities and government officials leaked online

Senate panel ready to OK gun background checks

Iranian media reports that authorities plan to sue Hollywood over "Argo"

Paul Ryan unleashes austere budget plan

The Vatican plays landlord to Europe's biggest gay bathhouse

Body of dead Indian rape defendant returned to family

Anger at NYPD after shooting of 16-year-old boils over in streets

Senate panel to question Obama's SEC nominee offers e-notification of new pope selection

Must-see morning clip: Justin Timberlake talks about his weekend "SNL" appearance

Palin writing book about the "War on Christmas"

Over 100 Guantanamo detainees on hunger strike

Phil Gingrey: Defending Akin was "stupid"

Why was Francis Underwood a Democrat?

Manning's statement, straight from the detainee's mouth

Dennis Rodman plans to meet the new pope

Joss Whedon on "Much Ado About Nothing": "It's the sexiest thing I've ever done"

Don't fall for Pentagon spin

Cannibal cop found guilty

Sorry, Bloomberg, NYC continues to supersize

Senate panel OKs Dem gun background check bill

Nancy Pelosi: We need more women in politics

"Justified" is too flip about violence, even for this devoted fan

Evangelical church accused of ignoring sexual abuse, "pedophilia ring"

What to wear (and not to wear) to CPAC

Doctors paid millions to shill for Big Pharma

Koch brothers consider purchasing L.A. Times

Russian hackers release sensitive information on stars including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Biden and Clinton

Study: Your Facebook "likes" might be overexposing you

Oscar Pistorius: A rolling timeline

Golfer survives fall into course sinkhole

Mitt loves fluffernutter

O'Keefe partner pays $50K to fired ACORN worker

Nick Cave instructs SXSW in phone etiquette

State Department report OK'ing Keystone XL linked to oil industry

Report alleges that police ignored accusations against Jimmy Savile in 1960s

Former KFC turned into medical marijuana dispensary

California mortuary buries wrong woman

Former AIG chief pushes forward with lawsuit against government

Could a Canadian with a hockey injury become the next pope?

Can we build a sustainable Japan?

Mississippi passes "anti-Bloomberg" bill

Paul Ryan's latest attempt to gut the federal government

Judge enters not guilty plea for Aurora shooter

The Republican fantasy