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Slot machines are designed to trick you

"Ex-gay" movement is looking for a theme song!

Breeding the food of the future

Telephone companies to abandon land lines

Rush Limbaugh: I didn't say stop watching Fox News

FBI director nominee: Surveillance can be a valuable tool

Goodreads reveals the "most abandoned" books

Lawrence O'Donnell outraged to read story that isn't about him

US law enforcement blatantly ignores right-wing extremists

Lawsuit filed over Pennsylvania's same-sex marriage ban

"Call the Midwife" defies viewers' ageism

HBO to produce documentary on Proposition 8 court fight

Us Weekly wants you to "zoom in" on Angelina Jolie's post-mastectomy body

Bleak housing options for parolees and recovering addicts

Florida may have accidentally banned the Internet

No, really, sequestration is hurting the economy

Criminal probe launched in Quebec oil train derailment

29 HBO opening sequences, from worst to best

I was a home-school freak

Director Guillermo del Toro: Too many summer movies are "about one race, one credo, and one country saving the world"

FX's "The Bridge" explores the borderland

Meet the "mindfulness" caucus: Politicians who meditate!

Militarized police overreach: "Oh, God, I thought they were going to shoot me next”

A gay country music star plays it (relatively) safe

Samuel Beckett's manuscript sells for $1.4 million

Whose transgression was worse, Weiner or Spitzer?

Senate to vote on restoring lower student loan rate

Snowden could spark a new Cold War

Nuclear watchdog: Ocean contamination likely at Fukushima

Must-see morning clip: Meet this Minnesota town's 4-year-old mayor

Sarah Palin is mulling a bid for Senate

Gun-rights activist reportedly arrested for firearm, drug possession

McDonnell and his wife reportedly received additional $120,000 from donor

Comedy Central to roast James Franco

Watch "Two American Families" right now

Don't spend the summer at "Camp"

North Carolina's sweeping abortion ban faces scrutiny from state health regulators

"Crystal Fairy": Dosed in the desert with a New Age seeker

The sexual assault crisis at America's colleges

CNN asks if Korea's hierarchical culture caused crash

Federal judge: Apple conspired to raise e-book prices

Writer Geoff Dyer really, really likes to sit

Blackwater founder is writing a memoir

Run Sarah run!

Bill to prevent LGBT workplace discrimination advances in the Senate

North Carolina Republicans sneak antiabortion provisions into motorcycle safety bill

Senate fails to keep student loan rates low

Execution of "mentally retarded" man moves ahead

Worst sex toy review ever

Woman blasts Texas lawmakers over abortion ban, is forcibly removed from Capitol

London Review of Books marginally improves its female representation

Ill Doctrine: BET's apology insults our intelligence

Conspiracy theorists: Dzhokhar was framed!

Texas House approves sweeping abortion restrictions

Only 1 percent of "terrorists" caught by the FBI are real

Jason Schwartzman, Patton Oswalt, Billy Dee Williams do "Star Wars" karaoke

This summer's blockbusters are really about overpopulation

For 10 years, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was conservatism's Trojan horse

Comcast profits off of poverty

Texas GOPer wants to defund schools that ban imaginary guns

In the "mommy wars," black single moms are invisible

Starbucks Glock sale could have broken the law

Snowden denies giving info to China, Russia

Christian scouting group launches for boys who don't "openly flaunt sexuality"

Apple's latest setback won't bring e-book prices down

Tsarnaev pleads not guilty