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Stranded Snowden to settle and work in Russia

Delaware Gov. signs landmark social entrepreneurship law

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FDA grants Plan B exclusive marketing rights

"Minuteman" co-founder pleads not guilty to child molestation

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Weiner staying in

Who invented the baseball glove?

Academia's gender gap persists

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Andrew Dice Clay: "I'm a sexual animal"

In defense of Weiner (kinda)

America's scariest police chief shoots "libtards" and forms militias

Student loan debt should be treated like Detroit's

Larry Summers will destroy the economy (again)

Missouri court to review case on survivor benefits for gay couples

Americans worried about NSA infringing on privacy

Broadway's Beatles tribute band

Violence mars Montenegro's first gay pride

Must-see morning clip: The Queen is not impressed by the royal baby

YouTube announces "Geek Week"

Huma Abedin stands by her man, but why should we?

New regulation allows police to detain people for forced HIV testing in Greece

There will be more Detroits: Your town could be next

Report: Edward Snowden to stay in airport for now

Weiner's repellent personality: Not his worst quality!

Steve King defends saying DREAMers are drug smugglers

Growing consensus on Social Security: Expand it

Study: Extreme conservatives make happier people

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The women in sex scandals are rarely forgiven

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Woody Allen is just lazy now

You have the right to skip ads

P.T. Anderson directs Fiona Apple's new music video

New questions undermine government's spying claims

Royal baby's name announced

Chromecast: The cheap and easy future of TV

"FratPAC" lobbies against hazing law

Playing "jazz" is a crime in North Korea

Bachmann defends NSA spying on Americans

Obama: Washington has "taken its eye off the ball" on the economy