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Christian radio host: Ebola could end "atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion”

Metta World Peace changes name again; steals our hearts

Ugh: Girls feel the need to "play dumb" to avoid intimidating boys

Rise of "extremely hot" days: See how global warming's going to make your summer hell

American Apparel slammed for “fueling Lolita fantasies and rampant sexism” in new ads

South Carolina passes solar bill and sues the EPA at the same time

FDA lifts hold on experimental Ebola drug

Six-year-olds are more digitally savvy than adults, study finds

Science is being annoying this week

"Juking" the job stats: Our government's sketchy new "Wire"-style scam

Baby shower games are insane: How our obsession with celebrating moms-to-be got totally out of control

"What If": Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan star in a sparkling, old-fashioned rom-com

My X-rated reality nightmare: How a couple accidentally sent me their deranged sex tape

AP NewsAlert

NCAA board hands 5 biggest conferences more power

CBS' James Corden debacle: Why the newest face in late night is yet another white man's

Europe has a puppy mafia problem

I tried Cosmo's 28 lesbian sex tips

They shut off our water: When I was 13 and poor, this is what we endured

Rand Paul is the new flip-flop king: How he's purging his scary positions -- and lying about it

Rise of the phone zombies: What we lose when technology gives us everything

The new Richard Nixon lie: John Dean on why he would have loved the Tea Party

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart wants Rand Paul to pick an opinion and stick with it

LeVar Burton parodies "Reading Rainbow" opening credits with "Tweeting Rainbow"

Stephen Colbert takes Ebola panic to the next level: "By the time you’re seeing this, you’re probably dead”

Paul Krugman: It's time for "trickle-up" economics!

Ebola update: WHO declares epidemic an "international heath emergency"

Do we need sexism ratings for music videos?

"Jonah from Tonga": HBO forgets the first rule of brownface

Unintentionally hilarious "Morning Joe" graphic identifies Bill Kristol as harbinger of doom

NBC picks up a new "comedy" about what happens when bosses have vaginas

Almonds are officially America's reigning nut

Ron Paul's no Nirvana, and this isn't the "Libertarian Moment"

Limbaugh says "leftists" want to use immigrants to “wrest control of this country” from whites

Back in Iraq: Obama OKs airstrikes on ISIS militants

Mitch McConnell's wife sits on the board of an organization trying to eliminate coal

The right’s impeachment trap: How pundits blame Obama for GOP extremism

The shocking discovery about evangelical Christianity that I made after becoming a father

"I am Groot": The secret environmental messaging buried in "Guardians of the Galaxy"

California parents could sue over a sex ed textbook that actually teaches sex ed

Politico has figured out Barack Obama's big problem -- and it's golf

Krauthammer's immigration lies: A lot of garbage crammed into one column

Community discussion: What's concerning you in sustainability?

Your flushed anti-anxiety meds could be increasing the lifespan of fish

More children are dead than fighters: A plea for sanity in Gaza

Legendary comic Harry Shearer: Nixon was the last great tragicomic character of our time

Valley fever is the scariest disease you've never heard of

"I had no idea I'd been sex trafficked": A terrifying true story

Douglas Preston on his open letter about Amazon: "I'm not a firebrand, I fell into it accidentally!"

Florida church cancels gay man's funeral

Paul Krugman mocks conservatives' baseless "Reaganolatry"

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles": Megan Fox, trapped in a CGI goofball nightmare

R.I.P. "Law and Order" conservatives: Why Nixon's party abandoned his obsession

Iraqi official says hundreds of Yazidi women taken captive by Islamic State militants

The guy who gave us "I Heart NY" has a depressing new logo for our dying planet