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Anti-choicers: Stop bullying women with bloody photos

Ohio Supreme Court strikes down local fracking bans

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The 2015 Westminster Dog Show champ is basically the most adorable animal on the planet

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"I don’t think a guy would have made 'Tampon Run'": Salon talks with gaming girl wonders Andy Gonzalez & Sophie Houser

Pussy Riot releases powerful English song "I Can't Breathe" about police brutality

Bibi's expenses bombshell: Could scathing report derail prime minister's re-election bid?

"Wheel of Fortune" contestant stuns everyone by solving puzzle with just one letter

Texas judge rules state same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

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GOP's new immigration deceit: Republicans are dishonestly reframing the DHS funding fight

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Marijuana munchies are real -- and scientists might have figured out why

Clintons' Keystone cash: Agency lobbying for pipeline is a major donor to family foundation

"Fifty Shades" star Dakota Johnson to David Letterman: "Are you my dad?"

"I'm going to hold my nose and vote for 'The Imitation Game'": An Oscar voter reveals why "Selma" will lose, Michael Keaton will win and the secrets of her ballot

Conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza calls Obama a "boy" from "the ghetto"

Matthew Perry almost wasn't in "Friends" because of an alien baggage-claim show

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