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More treatment, less jails: Incarcerating pregnant women for drug use is dangerous, not compassionate

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I was a lying telephone psychic

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The 7 weirdest junk-food drinks of all time — from Salty Watermelon Pepsi to the "McNuggetini"

Stop the sex-offender registry panic: "A lot of those dots on the map would never hurt your kids"

Hey, white Hollywood: Looking for work in the age of "Empire"? Here's some friendly advice

Where are all the normal atheists? TV's non-believers always let me down

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5 ways Republicans can distance themselves from religious wingnuts

AP Exclusive: Iran may run centrifuges at fortified site

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Key dates in the Amanda Knox prosecution

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White supremacy's gross symbol: What the "the stars and bars" really represent -- and why

"Let the Palestinian people go": What younger Jews will be asking of Israel at Passover Seder this year

Harry Reid won't seek re-election in 2016

"Events have proven their cherished beliefs wrong": Paul Krugman demolishes GOP's economic fairy tales

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Basketball player legally named "Guy F*ck" finally allowed to use real last name

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Obama geeks out to "The Wire": The complete transcript of his interview with David Simon

Anti-LGBT "religious freedom" laws are wrong, but #BoycottIndiana isn't the answer

Instagram has a problem with women: Bloody accident photos are fine, but periods are "inappropriate?"

Philadelphia has a Ferguson problem: "You’re telling a lie and backing it up with lies"

The meat industry is contributing to a crisis of global proportions, and the White House is giving it a free pass

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Lawmaker publicly discusses her rape and abortion, man in audience laughs at her

American billionaires on welfare: The Koch brothers and other ranchers stealing your tax dollars

Wall Street's political shakedown: We'll stop funding Dems if Elizabeth Warren won't sit down and shut up

Monsanto lobbyist insists herbicide isn't toxic, but refuses to drink a glass: "I'm not stupid"

College-educated Republicans are more likely to think climate threats are overblown

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Community Discussion: Is it too late to save the forests?

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Grain mostly lower, livestock mixed

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