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Business of backlash: GOP cashes in on Koch/Adelson anti-BDS donations

Actor who played 'Dukes of Hazzard' sheriff dies at age 88

Paris' bold plan for solving its air pollution woes: Start a biking revolution

Anti-choicers are trying to stop North Carolina medical schools from teaching abortion care

"Game of Thrones" stars defend disturbing sex scene: "It wasn't rape"

Rand Paul's terrifying vision for America: The truth about his plan for "Economic Freedom Zones"

Inside the NBC News "nightmare": How Brian Williams sent Tom Brokaw into "spasms of anger"

March Madness and the NCAA purity lie: How the billion-dollar basketball-industrial complex blinds us to our biggest flaws

Nora Dunn: "SNL is a traumatic experience. It’s something you have to survive"

Kanye's West Bank blind spot: Is Yeezy missing an opportunity to speak truth to power?

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Rand Paul's Fox News problem: Why warmongers still won't accept the newly converted hawk

Robert Reich: The rich have bought America's silence

"What young man would not jump on that candy"

Stop this egregious injustice: Why a bipartisan tax holiday is just another corporate handout

The messy business of defining "Islamic": Case in point, ISIS

Jeb Bush's affirmative action atrocity: How his reactionary record on race reveals his true colors

Comedian claims Trevor Noah stole jokes: "He's a thief"

Jon Stewart mocks Rand Paul's presidential announcement: "Hillary Clinton was like ‘Just announce, already, please"

"Louie" returns, as hapless and sublime as ever

John Travolta defends Scientology: The church has been "so beautiful for me"

Judge reduces child rapist's sentence because he didn't "intend" to harm 3-year-old he sodomized

Wisconsin Republicans ban state official from answering emails about climate change

Vaccine "personal exemptions" get shot down in Berkeley

Rand Paul's astonishing omission: 2016's newest candidate didn't have a single word to say about health care

"A police officer felt threatened last weekend": When the media protects cops who kill

Fox legal analyst: Planting weapons used to be "standard operating procedure" for cops

Original cast laments a "Twin Peaks" without David Lynch: "Like pies with no cherry"

GOP's surprising immigration convergence: How the party's "amnesty!" fever broke

More Terry Richardson awfulness: Kate Upton claims he released "Cat Daddy" video without consent

"New Girl" gets serious about race: "When I was a kid we used to run from the police, even if we did nothing wrong"

The "Liberal Media Conspiracy" on steroids: Inside the right's favorite new talking point

Rand Paul goes full mansplainer on "Today": "That would be a better way to approach an interview"

Kansas' anti-choice horror: Sam Brownback outlaws the safest technique used for second-trimester abortions

Emails acted out in real life will make you realize how awful we all are

"Wholly disingenuous": CIA director slams opponents of Iran nuclear deal

Dick Cheney's contemptible shamelessness: The Vader veep strikes again

"Serial" inspires new podcast investigating Adnan Syed's case

"Pushed to the brink of extinction": How Rahm Emanuel won — and became the biggest loser in Chicago

Eddie Huang blasts "Fresh off the Boat": "An artificial representation of Asian American lives"

Hunter who paid $350K to kill endangered rhino: It's going to "die one way or another"

Louis C.K. on "SNL": "I'm so glad I didn't get cast"

Tom Cotton's sneaky warmongering: What his "just drop a few bombs" plan really means

America is criminalizing Black teachers: Atlanta's cheating scandal and the racist underbelly of education reform

The media's absurd Rand Paul spin: When increasing militarism counts as "mellowing out"

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found guilty for Boston Marathon bombing

Frances Bean Cobain speaks publicly for the first time about her father: "He didn't want to be the f**king voice of a generation"

Sorry, carnitas fans: Chipotle's pork shortages aren't going to end anytime soon

"It's thousands of different shades of gray": What the pro-choice vs. pro-life debate gets wrong about American views on abortion

Reminder: Sex without consent is still rape

"Broken tail light means go hassle somebody of color": CNN guest tears down cop defender

Louis C.K. explains how he once did everything in his power to ruin Jimmy Fallon's career

Grain mixed, livestock mostly lower