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“No no no no no no no no: Listen!” He-man Rand Paul lectures a lady -- again

"You need to tone it down": Chris Christie scolded by kindergarten teacher at town hall

Robert Durst indicted on weapons charges, delaying his extradition to California

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10 Things to Know for Thursday

Jay Smooth: "Why do they never try to save them?"

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America's glaring double standard on terror: Why the Tsarnaev conviction is another black eye for Gitmo

Fox News' Rolling Stone problem: Imagine a panel investigating Bill O'Reilly's "war stories" and Megyn Kelly's hyperbole

Jon Stewart demolishes Rolling Stone: "If nobody has the guts to do it, I'll fire them!"

Anatomy of an Internet freakout: The long, slow death of "Rickrolling"

Fox News host's bizarre race evasion: "I didn't see a black man killed by a white cop"

Jon Stewart skewers Rahm Emanuel over election fiasco: "A terrible record and a universally recognized abrasive personality"

“We look up to you”: The immigrant who shot the horrific Walter Scott video is the conscience of America

Chuck Schumer's epic Iran fail: How the hawkish Dem may accidentally save a nuclear deal

A majority of Americans support gender equality -- so why don't they identify as feminists?

Leelah Alcorn's legacy: The White House moves against conversion therapy

Pennsylvania homes contain dangerous levels of a radioactive gas -- and scientists think fracking could be to blame

Ryan Gosling’s not perfect after all: Critics roast his new film, "a movie to see, if at all, under the influence"

Louis C.K. gets an extreme "Star Wars" makeover in hilarious parody video

Jeb's foreign policy con: Why his "my own man" campaign is so disingenuous

Everbody hates Rick Santorum: How the former GOP heavyweight became a political irrelevancy

Study: People who love grilled cheese have more sex, are more charitable

Black bodies on the ground: Shocking images spark #BlackLivesMatter outrage -- but at what price?

A bunch of pet goldfish have completely taken over a Colorado lake

The first trailer for "Orange is the New Black" season 3 has arrived, and it looks awesome

Scientology head David Miscavige allegedly spied on his own father, told P.I. to let him die

Bill O'Reilly references debunked statistics to prove black men aren't disproportionately killed by cops

It's still Dick Cheney's GOP: The terrifying truth revealed by Tom Cotton's warmongering

Civil War: 150th anniversary of Lee surrender at Appomattox

More American women are not having kids

New Yorker copyeditor dishes on the wacky side of her (quite dignified) job: “One feels so silly looking up [profanity]”

C'mon, feel the Chafee-mentum! Another bored white guy might jump into the Democratic race

"Dick pics for freedom": How John Oliver accidentally started a NSFW revolution

Ann Coulter's perverted history: The right's latest obsessive, venomous half-truths

Poll: Most Americans side with LGBT people in "religious freedom" disputes

GOP's sick new crusade: Inside the conservative war on poor women

Ayn Rand's post-traumatic ideology: How her difficult early years fueled her philosophy — and created the Great Recession

The "Dr. Evil" of climate denial: Meet the legendary P.R. exec with a sinister anti-science agenda

The first trailer for "True Detective" season 2 is finally here

"Those women were not yelling at you": Megyn Kelly condemns Rand Paul's interview conduct

The anorexia pay gap: Study shows women with eating disorders earn less

Ted Cruz's twisted persecution complex: Why the self-absorbed wingnut depicts himself as a media victim

The lonesome death of Walter Scott: Why Michael Thomas Slager should share the blame

"The Daily Show's" Aasif Mandvi wants you to calm down about Jon Stewart: "We don't need to freak out"

Jesus went to hell: The Christian history churches would rather not acknowledge

Here's hoping the "Golden Girls" LEGO set becomes a reality

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Tell your mom to get a checkup -- like Taylor Swift did

Grain lower, livestock mixed

“Game Of Thrones”: HBO throws out George R.R. Martin's books -- and saves the show

Clueless Beltway scribes still don't get it: Why Rahm Emanuel's win was vindication for the left