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"Hands up don't shoot vertical video": "Nightly Show" offers grim seminar on filming police brutality

Patton Oswalt discovers that trolling far-right instigator Chuck Johnson isn't actually fun -- just sad

Marco Rubio's murderous myth: Why his "noble lie" about American history is so dangerous

How the Dow Jones industrial average fared Thursday

Please reassure Rob Lowe that he is a desirable man: "Do I have a dadbod? I just need to know"

"Utter insanity and stupidity": Ex-Reagan adviser unloads on GOP, lobbyists and the myth of the "moderate Republican"

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On one hand, Obama applauds immigrant activists -- as a Texas case argues that unauthorized immigrants have no First Amendment rights

"Nostalgic for the apocalypse": George Miller's long, strange trip to "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Deep kissing, hot wives: Inside the surprisingly non-missionary world of Christian erotica

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell: "Chasing art with great intent sometimes leads you to dangerous places"

Robert Reich: The right gets Social Security dangerously wrong

5 states where Christian-right homophobes got their just comeuppance

Colorado is the next Silicon Valley: Why the legalized marijuana industry is flourishing

GOP's endless crazy train: Are you ready for Herman Cain 2016?

Bill de Blasio fires back at his critics: "You have to be able to walk and chew gum in this job"

The Bible's filled with torture: 9 ways the Good Book condones the worst behavior

"Letterman" head writer Merrill Markoe: "The show felt constantly unstable to me"

"When you’re at war, you have to have an enemy": How the way we talk about crime makes the problem worse

Paul Krugman: Jeb Bush's "vile cowardice" on Iraq typical of GOP's "fraternity of failure"

"Blues can never die": B.B. King reigned but music lives on

Fox News' blatant hypocrisy: Making fun of Muslims is cool, but a police brutality art exhibit crosses the line

This tender Tom Waits tribute to David Letterman will make you weep

Bill Cosby responds to rape allegations: "I’ve never seen anything like this"

Bill O'Reilly doesn't hate poor people — he's just upset that they're "wasting their lives"

Two Baltimore correctional officers arrested for looting during riots

Fox News' Gavin McInnes goes off the deep end: Women are "less ambitious" and "happier at home"

GOP's alarming Iraq amnesia: Jeb Bush, WMDs & the lies neocons want us to forget

Grain mixed, livestock mixed

The Bush dynasty is crushing Jeb: How the GOP identity crisis is ruining this frontrunner's chances

"How about that for the ladies?": Sexist workplace attitudes don't happen in a vacuum

Rachel Maddow questions whether Jeb Bush is even competent enough to run his campaign

Jon Stewart bids farewell to David Letterman with a Moment of Zen: "He was an incredible epiphany"

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Stephen Hawking is still terrified of artificial intelligence

Physicians' group: Give LGBT people full rights -- it makes them healthier

"Pitch Perfect" writer on her a cappella underdogs beating "Mad Max" at the box office: "If that happens, joy will win the weekend"

Hello Deli owner and Letterman neighbor Rupert Jee is “sickly sad” to see Dave go

George Stephanopoulos bows out: Why GOP candidates might miss him as a debate moderator

George Clooney thanks David Letterman for "walking us through 9/11 when we weren’t sure what we could laugh at”

Woody Allen hates his Amazon deal so much: "I have regretted every second since I said OK"

Rubio's Iraq incoherence: Everyone's focused on Jeb, but Rubio is making zero sense

Community Discussion: Can the Pope save the world?

Jeb Bush's glorious downfall gets the Jon Stewart treatment

"Mad Max: Fury Road": Where feminist revenge fantasy meets old school redemption quest

Texas Democrats “chub” Republican anti-LGBT bill to death

Judith Miller sits down to discuss journalistic integrity with James O’Keefe — and Twitter just can’t even, y’all

Sexism no longer sells: Finally, beer companies are getting smart about dumbing down the women in their ads

Alex Jones is actually dangerous: Why we have to start taking his paranoid worldview seriously

How university trigger warnings will backfire: Does Fox News need any more ammunition against the humanities?

Boston Marathon bomber receives death penalty

Eddie Huang self-destructs: Why the "Fresh Off the Boat" author's descent into misogyny is so depressing

AMERICA SURVIVES with Joanna Rothkopf pt. 2: Holy sh*t look at these x-rays!

Congress is even more sexist than you think: Why some men refuse to be alone with female staffers