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New official investigation launched against Duggar family

10 famous comedians on how political correctness is killing comedy: "We are addicted to the rush of being offended"

George W. Bush haunts the GOP -- again: 2016 hopefuls will have to reckon with his torture legacy

Glenn Beck warns: McKinney police violence video shows us it's holocaust time (again!) in America

TV on the Radio slays Australia set with "Game of Thrones" cover

Watch men learn nothing about street harassment from a woman catcalling them in the park

"Jinx" creators finally reveal what they think of Robert Durst: "Not just a random killer. He’s a strategic killer"

"I wanted my contract to say for every female orgasm, there had to be a male orgasm": Emmy-nominated actresses open up about TV sex scenes

"Brilliant and dangerous": Anna North's fictional Sophie Stark uses and discards people to make her vérité films

America's war on Black girls: Why McKinney police violence isn't about "one bad apple"

The delightful fruits of '90s nostalgia: My favorite women in rock are reuniting

5 cases of public sex gone horribly, horribly wrong

Here little lady, let me tell you how banking works: Jamie Dimon mansplains to Elizabeth Warren

"The Wolfpack" hype: When the line between documentary and "reality" blurs, we see the story we want to see

Taming the hybrid mutant she-beast: Lessons from the giant retro-mall of "Jurassic World"

Brazil's top court strikes down restrictive biography law

6 ways white supremacy takes its toll on Black people's mental health

Robert Reich: Divestment is not enough

Iraq is Obama's quagmire now: His unauthorized war hasn't worked -- but he's escalating it anyway

Marco Rubio's financial woes are a perfect microcosm for GOP hypocrisy

Will Fox News and the RNC fix their debate conundrum? The pressure is building

Doing slow time in Litchfield: Diving back into "Orange Is the New Black"’s deep ensemble riches

Jon Stewart shreds New York Times for running "inconsequential gossip" about Rubio on front page

Larry Wilmore is profoundly confused by FDA-approved "lady Viagra"

Rachel Maddow condemns Fox News for manipulating the Republican presidential race with 10 candidate debate cut-off

Steve Albini is wrong: "If we don’t have copyright, we don’t get paid"

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar pull out of homeschool conference in light of new investigation

Watch Colin Quinn's race joke absolutely tank on "The Daily Show"

America's billionaires are officially playing God with the fate of the planet

McKinney cop defender Sean Toon is a convicted felon and animal-torturer

Christopher Lee, "Lord of the Rings" star and British horror icon, dies at 93

3 Jon Snow impressionists try their best to impress Kit Harington

Rupert Murdoch is out as CEO of 21st Century Fox: Billionaire mogul reportedly steps aside for son James

Bob Newhart on his groundbreaking sitcom: "We were taking the stigma off psychiatrists and psychologists"

Shock of shocks: New memoir reveals Playboy Mansion is manipulative "rabbit hole," not all fun and games

Ann Coulter: Police brutalizing a black teen in a bikini is the new "Squirrel!"

"Lord of the Rings" co-stars and other celebrities remember Christopher Lee: "You were an icon, and a towering human being"

Watch Bryce Dallas Howard prove she is the world's best on-command crier

Sorry, "Fat People Hate"-ing Reddit trolls: Ellen Pao is serious about curbing harassment

Pizza Hut’s "pig-in-a-blanket" crust pizza to infect America

Sarah Palin doubles down on Duggar defense: "Lena Dunham is the most exploitive character I’ve ever heard of"

Josh Duggar isn't the only alleged child molester tied to Mike Huckabee

2016's bravest act yet: Carly Fiorina's super PAC demolishes Hillary Clinton's Instagram

#DistractinglySexy Twitter campaign perfectly skewers sexism in science

Colin Quinn on race, comedy and political correctness: "People should stop lying and pretending there's a racial dialogue"

Prosecutors seek to seize assets of Iraqi currency dealers

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GOP goes full Richard Nixon on Obamacare: We have a fix, but it's a secret!

I got slimed by Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz: Fox News just declared war on me

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6 best friends for Tyrion: Ranking the "Game of Thrones" characters who are "the right kind of terrible" for each other

McKinney cop's bogus "stress" defense: Why the latest excuse for violent force is so vile

Sam Brownback guts Kansas even more: This is life under America's worst Republican governor

Chris Christie to college students: It would be morally "wrong" for you not to go into debt for your education

"It gives him the aura of a bear or some other species of dangerous animal": The 10 most absurdly fawning lines from Vanity Fair's profile of "True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto

Heaven knows we're miserable now: Reports reveal just how unhappy Americans are — and for good reasons

GOP senator gets nailed on hot mic: Mark Kirk cracks that Lindsey Graham is a "bro with no ho"

Bernie Sanders masterfully trolls the GOP: 2016 hopeful unveils a real "family values" agenda

Don Lemon weighs in on PC culture: Liberals are "the most easily offended and the least tolerant"

Lindsey Graham declares war on science -- and the Constitution: What his 20-week abortion ban is really all about

Rejoice: Here is your first look at Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Lifetime movie

Shaving is the pits: Take up arms with Lena Dunham, Madonna and Miley in the fight against body hair oppression

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Reality still bites for Gen X — and our independent streak is making things worse

Dennis Hastert's defense lawyers file motion to keep crony judge in corruption trial