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Donald Trump, noted haver of great hair, mocks Hillary Clinton's "massive" hairdo

GOP lawmaker tries to squelch Mizzou PhD student's research on state's restrictive anti-abortion laws

"The mother has asked us to adopt": Married gay couple fights to keep foster kid removed by Utah judge

Wingnuts go batsh*t over Katie Couric, again: The insane right-wing freak-out over her Planned Parenthood interview

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"Empire"’s sex slump: Why sex on TV's sexiest show — including that threesome — is so incredibly awkward

Don Lemon slams campus activists: "If you’re afraid of having your feelings hurt, don’t leave your house"

This dollhouse is most likely worth more than your house — plus all the houses you will ever live in, combined

“Daddy Don’t Go” smashes stereotypes of disadvantaged "deadbeat" dads: "Stability is the biggest gift that you get when you enter the middle class"

David Spade could have had Letterman's show: "I couldn't believe they were handing me this. I thought, I don't know what the f*ck I'm doing"

An important message for the anti-"P.C" warriors: Please take a deep breath before you have an aneurysm

10 right-wing conspiracy theories that have slowly invaded American politics

GOP's Obamacare repeal shambles: Turns out taking away health coverage isn't super popular

Grimes isn't a novelty act: Maybe we'll see more female producers when we stop treating them like kooky freaks

Stupid biology: 7 reasons breakups wreak such emotional havoc

The dog I could not let go: The love story I couldn't tell anyone

David Lynch, liberated: The “Twin Peaks” creator’s swerve into obscurity isn’t about being artsy or pretentious

Bernie Sanders is a cruise-missile progressive: False hope, foreign policy and the stubborn endurance of American exceptionalism

10 stunning economic figures powering the Sanders insurgency

Caffeine overdose is very real: See if you're drinking too much coffee

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The GOP is the reverse Robin Hood party: Inside their long war against the "lucky ducky" poor

The secret history of GOP mythmaking: How the Republican Party abandoned facts in favor of propaganda

Fox News has sunk to a new low: Bill O'Reilly's horrible sidekick is getting his own horrible show

"The FEC and men's nipples are probably comparable": "The Daily Show" shames the Super PACs

Stephen Colbert and Judd Apatow make a brilliant Ben Carson campaign ad

Hold the Keystone XL bubbly: Our fossil fuel addiction is as strong as ever

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio go to war: They're both telling brazen lies in their immigration fight

America's disturbing epidemic of police abuse revealed: "When the person who sexually assaults you is a police officer, who do you call?"

"I’m sure it scares the living sh*t out of them": Why the protests at the University of Missouri may have the NCAA terrified

Trump is on the warpath: Iowa voters are "stupid" and Ben Carson is "pathological" like a child molester

Paul Krugman issues urgent warning: These radical Republicans will follow through, all facts be damned

"Nobody builds walls better than me": New Yorkers do their best Donald Trump impersonations

"Heads up, Quentin Tarantino": Fox News' Bolling ominously warns "everyone thinks they don't need a cop until they do"

If We Can't Measure Slavery, Does It Exist?

GOP governors are on the fast track to nowhere: Jindal, Christie & Kasich aren't long for this world

Puff Puff Give: This mashup of Smokey from "Friday" and Bernie Sanders might leave you questioning who is the bigger weed supporter

Donald Trump's latest outrageous attack: Compares Ben Carson to "child molester"

Brooks Ayers' disgusting cancer lie: Even for a "Real Housewives" arc, this drama didn't add up

Donald Trump's freaky Friday the 13th attack ad: Ben Carson is either a "violent criminal" or "pathological liar"

Eaten alive by their own Ayn Rand/Koch brothers Frankenstein: The GOP destroyed themselves

Donald Trump, national embarrassment: His Triumph the Insult Comic Dog routine is racist, sour, bullying and needs to end

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Bernie Sanders pulls a key Ohio endorsement out of the Clinton column

Jeff Buckley's life after death: "Lost" albums can be sketchy, but "You and I" could be the missing piece of the Gen X legend's legacy

GOP's rising panic: Trump won't fade, Carson grows stronger, and Republicans look for a savior