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Trevor Noah destroys ISIS: "Daily Show" takes down jihadi recruitment videos

Larry Wilmore mocks Ted Cruz's endowment: "Do you know how small your d*ck has to be for you to do something like that?"

"It's up to us": Paris was in a celebratory mood at the end of the climate summit, but activists know it's not a time to rest

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The House GOP's under-the-radar oil coup: The dangerous domestic bailout that they're almost certain to win

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Ted Cruz is now raising money to get Scott Walker out of debt

Dana Loesch has completely lost it: Gun nut narrates vile NRA-backed video linking San Bernardino mass-shooting to every GOP bogeyman

"Light the motherf*cker on fire!": Another Trump rally turns on Black Lives Matter protestors

Tonight's GOP debate will be the schtick-measuring contest from hell

Disturbing new twist in Chicago’s police crisis: Embattled state’s attorney refused to prosecute cop who admitted to perjury

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