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Chris Christie's a-hole oblivion: How the tough-talkin' GOP gunslinger lost his mojo

State IG: Classified email found from Powell, Rice tenures

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Donald Trump might actually be right about something: It appears he was "schlonged" by Ted Cruz's Iowa "dirty trick"

"Serial" revisits Adnan Syed: A new hearing means hope for closure — and a chance to reconnect with fans

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When I'd lost all faith in my ability to write, inspiration came from an unexpected place

Not all comedians are tickled by Trump: He's "in the news and that’s our job, but personally, to me? It’s nothing but scary"

Go ahead, watch them die: F**k those joyless moralists who hate football and the Super Bowl

"You have naked bodies and genitalia, don’t you? Why are you so adolescent?": Director Peter Greenaway on "Puritan" Americans and the intense sex scenes in "Eisenstein in Guanajuato"

The GOP's mosque mania: Obama's bland speech on tolerance unleashes a torrent of hate—and almost makes Jeb look human

Capitol Hill Buzz: Alicia Keys flirty appeal to Speaker Ryan

"Mom and Dad are fighting!": Bernie and Hillary's first one-on-one debate quickly turns into a slugfest and leaves Twitter in shock

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton clash on what it means to be a progressive: Democratic debate quickly gets heated

Republicans hate-watch the #DemDebate: "There will be some fun general election campaign ads from this"

In debate, Hillary Clinton boasted that she is supported by Henry Kissinger, accused war criminal who oversaw policies that led to millions of deaths

Bernie and Hillary's tension-filled face-off: Wall Street, health care, Flint crisis and progressive cred highlight latest Democratic debate

Marco Rubio is not a moderate: Yesterday's Tea Party loon is today's establishment favorite

Ronald Reagan, #GangstaGipper: How Reagan's macho posturing helped create today's gun culture

Donald Trump must go full Wrestlemania: Winning in New Hampshire means going more ridiculous, more over the top

Bernie's weakness exposed: In most contentious Democratic debate so far, Sanders' struggles with foreign policy hard to ignore

The Pentagon will pay for troops to freeze their eggs and sperm

"I didn't even know that women could talk": Samantha Bee enjoys touching reunion with Stephen Colbert

Larry Wilmore calls out Jeb Bush: "The most pathetic thing to date in this campaign"

"Rick Santorum is the worst": Trevor Noah mocks a train-wreck endorsement for Marco Rubio

Wilmore to Marco Rubio, Chris Christie: Stop talking about "ramming things down our throats" and spanking Hillary Clinton

Football's Polynesian moment: Samoa's athletic outliers are paying a steep price for their commitment to the game

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Birth control for everyone: Instead of scolding about alcohol, the feds should promote contraception for everyone

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Courtney Love, watch out: A Cobain-era beef comes roaring back — Mary Lou Lord "will not go down without a f**king fight"

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