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Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

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KFC's Chizza melds chicken and pizza for the fast food you didn't know you needed

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1902 fistfight gave rise to arcane rule that silenced Warren

Senate confirms Sessions for attorney general

Think about it: For Republicans, it's eat with Trump, or be eaten

A Trump sellout: Alex Jones trashed by former editor for playing “the race and religion card”

History shows Trump will face legal challenges to​ detaining immigrants

French far-right candidate Le Pen's plan: "Made in France"

You are now the gatekeeper of news

A new front in the assault on women's freedom: Anti-choice activists now going after birth control

Media Matters' Eric Boehlert: "You have neo-Nazis celebrating the Trump presidency"

Elizabeth Warren thinks she won that round — but Mitch McConnell got everything he wanted

Another fake attack: Sean Spicer referenced nonexistent Atlanta attack three times

WATCH: 5 reasons why Donald Trump's Black History Month breakfast was a phony farce

The cost of hostility: Why the U.S. should treat Mexico as a vital partner

Trump and terrorism: Why is the White House ignoring the real danger of homegrown extremism?

Trump on Twitter: Senator "lied" by reporting Gorsuch comments everyone confirmed were said

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When the government really did fear a Bowling Green massacre — from a white supremacist

President as media critic: Trump hits CNN host Chris Cuomo for not asking a question he actually asked

"Go buy Ivanka's stuff!" Trump's White House shills Ivanka Trump merchandise, picks fights over Nordstrom snub

Civil rights groups: We won't "hang our heads in despair" despite Jeff Sessions' confirmation as attorney general

Donald Trump escalates John McCain feud: The "loser . . . doesn't know how to win anymore"

A history of sanctuary cities: How Black Americans protected fugitive slaves

Republican congressman introduces legislation that would take marijuana out of the hands of the federal government

White House for sale: Trump team openly flouts ethics rules in the Nordstrom flap — because Congress will do nothing

A bad START: Trump tells Putin U.S.-Russia treaty to limit nuclear weapons was a "bad deal"