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Turkish airline workers join demonstrations, don Guy Fawkes masks

World's largest study on gay parents finds the kids are more than all right

British government to crack down on extremist websites

Did a scandalous Hollywood novel predict Michael Douglas' HPV news?

Casinos ban gamblers from using Google Glass

Michelle Rhee's group finally drops anti-gay honoree

Samsung wins Apple patent case

Rachel Kushner's ambitious new novel scares male critics

She was like a mother to me

Government collects millions of phone records daily

6 dead in Philadelphia building collapse

Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter hospitalized

Liberals find common ground with ... Scalia?

Police officer dies in Turkey protest

Samantha Power: I'm a "humanitarian hawk"

Cancer treatments still caught in sequestration politics

CIA often doesn't know whom it kills with drones

Defense bill could give license to discriminate against gay service members

George R. R. Martin responds to "Game of Thrones" Red Wedding reaction videos

Millennials alone can't save us

The government has all your info

Must-see morning clip: John Mellencamp performs Stephen King collaboration

Manning trial testimonies point to over-classification problem

Stephen Fry: I tried to kill myself in 2012

Obama administration defends collecting phone records

Samuel L. Jackson reads "Breaking Bad" monologue

The best imaginary boyfriends of all time

Karen Russell: All fiction is autobiographical

Zosia and Clara Mamet's Kickstarter meets little support

A.M. Homes: "We still live in a world where the work of male writers dominates"

The Tea Party hates Jan Brewer now

Pastor evicts Boy Scout troop over gay ban lift, receives standing ovation

If the Bluths were Nintendo characters

Rape rampant in juvenile justice system

Texas man acquitted in Craigslist escort murder

"Now we are all persons of interest"

Syrian army recaptures route into Israeli-held territory

The most spoilery parental guidelines on "Game of Thrones"

World's longest funeral procession?

IRS: "Star Trek" parody video is "embarrassing"

Fox News is spoon-fed a scandal -- and blows it

Christie taps state attorney general to fill Senate seat

Google: Online searches for movie trailers can predict box office turnout with high accuracy

Is bartending an art?

How Bolaño became Bolaño

Security expert: All Occupiers' phones were logged

"In the Flesh": A suicidal, gay, post-zombie story

Chris Christie effectively appoints himself to the Senate

Putin and wife to divorce

"Girls Gone Wild" founder angry over invasion of his sexual privacy

Monsanto Protection Act meets Senate push-back