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Study: Treating mental illness prevents crime, saves taxpayers money

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Children's museum excludes gay families from its membership policy

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Nestlé introduces bottled water for "trendy, high-income" women

"The Lord of the Rings" vs. "Game of Thrones"

Never tell anyone what I just did

My boyfriend is paranoid

Alex Jones' new competition

US has no plans to end surveillance

Jesse Friedman: "Forget it? I can never forget it. It never, ever goes away"

Feds back morning-after pill for women of all ages

Senate passes farm bill

Police break through barricades in Istanbul's Taksim Square

Obama administration drops bid to block Plan B access

Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor? Who cares

Why is the NSA spying on PalTalk?

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500,000 contractors can access NSA data hoards

Poll: New Jersey voters want to decriminalize pot

"One and Only" author: "It’s like I’m suggesting that people should have aborted their own children"

Russia offers to consider asylum for Snowden

Rebecca Black is actually kind of good now

Hillary must own 2014

Detroit cop on trial for shooting 7-year-old girl

Leaks actually improve U.S. security

Princeton University evacuated after bomb threat

Only 20 Gitmo detainees will be tried for war crimes

Put the NSA on trial

Laura Ingraham: Over-the-counter Plan B is "a good deal for pedophiles"

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Senators push bill to declassify FISA court rulings

Larry Klayman files first NSA phone surveillance lawsuit

The "golden age" of magazines, brought to you by white dudes

If you know nothing about whistle-blowers, don't cover them

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"Ball ironing": Hot new trend in "scrotum rejuvenation"

Dozing banker unwittingly transfers hundreds of millions

Mailer, Styron and Auden, all in the same publication

Stop blaming technology for high unemployment!

Turkish police renew sweep through Taksim Square

"When Americans understand, they become outraged"

Russian Parliament passes "gay propaganda" ban

"The Internship" teaches Gen Xers to get along with millennials

Libertarians: Still a cult